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Who can answer my questions concerning the course of study?

If you are looking for information before starting your course of study (e.g. application) please contact the Student Advisory Service or the Hotline for students "Call Justus". 

Students of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine are welcome to contact the student body in case help is needed.

Who is able to tell me what I need for studying Veterinary Medicine in Giessen? Which Numerus Clausus is essential?

Please contact the "Zentralstelle für die Vergabe von Studienplätzen (ZVS)" respectively "Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung" in Dortmund. Best thing to do is to get a brochure called "ZVS-Info". It is available (for free) in schools, universities, job centres etc.

Can I start studying Veterinary Medicine in summer and winter term?

The course of study in Veterinary Medicine can only be started  in winter term. 

Is there a special examination needed before I can start the course of study (e.g. the so called "Medizinertest")?

No, this special test has been abolished. You do not need it anymore for an application at the ZVS.

If I want to know anything about recognition of study performances I achieved whom do I have to ask?

In this case you can either ask the staff at the Examination Board or contact the chairman of the  particular examination committee.

For the pre-clinical part this is currently Prof. Dr. Bergmann and for the clinical part this is Prof. Dr. Moritz.

Do I need prior knowledge in natural sciences if I want to start studying?

Prior knowledge surely is an advantage but not mandatory.  It makes your  life easier especially in the first few months but after that you have to be able to learn efficiently anyway. You can make it without  prior knowledge.

What about practicals before starting?

Also a practical is not mandatory. But useful for yourself as you will find it a good experience and in this way you will be able to find out whether you like your future job or not and if you really want to do this for living.

What about practical training during the course of study?

There are mandatory practicals which are described in the Veterinary Approbation Regulation (TAppV). Unfortunately there are still too less of them and this is why it is so important to gain experience on your own, it depends very much on your own commitment.

Are the professors ok?

There are always professors you like and those you don't.

How do I apply for a lateral entry?

Please refer to the website of the Students Advisory Service.