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Lecture notes



lecture notes for the practical are provided by the institute.

Food Science

various documents are listed on the website of the institute.

Additional there exists a course in Stud.IP called "Alle Präsentationen Milchwissenschaften als PDF zum download".


Follow this link for some of the documents. 


Please refer to the website of the institute under "Lehre". 


lecture notes and notes for the practical are sold after the first lectures or at the office of the institute.


Notes (Special Virology plus practical) and a poster are available for free at the office of the institute.




some Surgery lectures are linked on the website.  

For the equine clinic - internal medicine please refer to Stud.IP

Stud.IP --> "Suchen" --> "Suchen nach Einrichtungen" -->

"Fachbereich 10: Veterinärmedizin" --> "Klinik für Pferde" -->then "Klinik für Pferde - Innere Medizin" --> then "Klinik für Pferde Innere Medizin im Stud.IP" --> under "Dateien" you will find lecture notes.

Farm Animal (Swine)

in Stud.IP  you will find a course called "Innere Krankheiten der Schweine (Lehrmaterial)"

Farm Animal (Ruminant)

see the website of the institute.

Smalll Animals

notes for Internal medicine here. 

notes for Surgery  please refer to Stud.IP. Course is called "Skripten Kleintierchirurgie"


Course "Klinik für Geburtshilfe, Gynäkologie und Andrologie (Lehrmaterial)" in Stud.IP


Institutes not listed here either do not have any notes or have regular courses in Stud.IP under the particular semester. 


In addition to that the student body has notes and documents concerning almost every subject (best way to get these is an empty USB-stick). Furthermore there is a course in Stud.IP called "Fachschaft Tiermedizin - Skriptengruppe".