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Members of the Faculty Council and the student Representative Council, as well as representatives for Senate and Students' Parliament are elected once a year.

Elections take place at the end of January, location at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine is the foyer of the Institute of Veterinary Physiology.

Entitled to vote are all students and it is quite important to make use of this right because once the turnout of voters dips below 25% a curtailment of money for the General Student Committee (and through this Committee every student body) will follow.
Of course this would limit our possiblities to make a change at the Faculty.


The turnout of voters (40-50%) at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine has been quite high (actually a record among the faculties) throughout the last few years and this is one reason why we are still able to take the hurdle regarding the whole university. 

We want to maintain this good result and that is why it is so important to vote every single year. 

Surely it is not that much an effort and there is always a cup of tea or coffee with a little snack waiting for you.

Shortly before the election the student body publishes a little brochure called "Wahlinfo" with important information on which committees can be elected, what duties they have and whom you are able to vote for.

Furthermore the General Student Committee (AStA) normally looks for people to help with the execution of the election which means for example sitting at the ballot-box, meeting people and earn a bit of money. So if you are interested in these things just contact the General Student Committee in december.