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Cooperation partners

  • Dept. Animal Nutrition and Animal Physiology, Justus-Liebig University, Giessen, Germany (K. Eder)
  • Educational and Research Centre for Animal Husbandry, Hofgut Neumühle, Germany (C. Koch, T. Scheu)
  • Dept. Animal Nutriton at Wageningen Livestock  Research, Wageningen, The Netherlands (WUR, R. Golselink)
  • Institute of Animal Nutrition, Nutrition Diseases, Universität Leipzig (M. Wilkens)
  • Dept. Farm Animal Health. Utrecht University, The Netherlands (T. Schoneville)
  • University Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, Utrecht University, The Netherlands (E. Teske)
  • Research Group for Analysis Methods in Life Science, Avans Hogeschool, The Netherlands (J. Brouwers).
  • Institute of Immunology, University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, Germany (H.J. Schuberth)
  • LabVetCon, Burgdorf, Germany (E. Humann-Ziehank)
  • Trouw Nutriton Ruminant Research Centre, Boxmeer, The Netherlands