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Structure of the GGN

The General Assembly of Members, the Management Committee, the Executive Director and the Management Board constitute the bodies of the GGN.




The General Assembly of Members meets at least once a year. At the meeting all matters pertaining to the GGN can be addressed. Particularly, the organization, the development and the arrangement of tasks and the training program will be discussed.


The Board of Directors is made up of:

  • six people representing the group of professors/supervisors (elected for a 3-year term),
  • two people representing the group of doctoral students (elected for a 2-year term),
  • one person representing the group of postdoctoral researchers (elected for a 2-year term),
  • one person representing the group of administrative employees (elected for a 2-year term)


The members are voted in by the members of their groups in the Member Council. For every member of the Board of Directors a replacement person is elected. The Board of Directors meets at least once a semester.


The Executive Director and his/her deputy are elected by the Board of Directors from the GGN‘s group of professors/supervisors. The Executive Director presides over the Board of Directors, leads and administers the center and he/she represents the GGN intramurally and to third parties.


The Board of Directors and the Executive Director are supported for the day-to-day business by at least one managing director. The Executive Director, his/her proxy and the managing director(s) jointly form the Executive Board of the GGN.