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Giessen Graduate Center for Natural Sciences and Psychology


GGN. Soft skills and solid knowledge.

GGN. Soft skills and solid knowledge.

The Giessen Graduate Center for Natural Sciences and Psychology is an interdisciplinary institution addressing the needs of all doctoral students in the fields of mathematics, informatics, physics, geography, biology, chemistry, psychology, and sports sciences at Justus Liebig University.


The GGN serves as the greenhouse for the personal and professional growth of young scientists.


  • We offer a wide range of high-quality workshops and training sessions to provide expertise and develop competencies.
  • We organize social and networking events where our members can benefit from the experience and exchange with peers and professionals.
  • We advocate for an inclusive environment and equitable support.


Whether it’s for academic careers or for careers outside of academia, the GGN supports young scientists to excel.




Upcoming Events
Wege in die Promotion - Ways into Earning One’s Doctoral Degree
Informative meeting for future doctoral students, 'predocs' and doctoral students of all disciplines
Workshop: Project management
[online]-Workshop on how to structure and plan the various tasks involved in qualifying as a scientist.
Workshop: Scientific Writing
How to present science and publish in high impact factor journals ;)
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Dr.-Herbert-Stolzenberg-Award for outstanding achievements in the natural sciences
The GGN awards three early career researchers in the natural sciences
Scholarships for the Summer School on Circular Economy at University of Padua, Italy
Scholarships available for the summer school on sustainability, circular economy, and related topics, taking place at University of Padua (Italy), between July 17 to July 22.
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