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Business English
The course will cover a wide range of topics from formal code of conduct to company structures and the preparation of various types of documents that are essential for your work in companies.
May 03, 2024 09:00
Meet the Expert: Stefania Bracci, PhD
The role of behavioural goals in shaping representations in the ventral visual pathway
Jun 05, 2024 10:00
Schwangerschaft, Mutterschutz & Elternzeit an der JLU
Arbeitsrechtliche Aspekte für Beschäftigte
Jun 18, 2024 12:00
Workshop: Agiles Arbeiten
The workshop offers practical insights, methods and tools to familiarise yourself with and experience agile thinking, action and leadership.
Jun 21, 2024 09:00
Wege in die Promotion 2024
Event for future doctoral students, students interested in a doctorate and doctoral students
Jun 27, 2024 01:00
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