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Digital Postdoc Get-Together | Postdoc Lunch

Networking and exchange are important – also and especially amongst peers.

In order to promote convivial exchange, we invite all postdocs to regular get-togethers (approx. every 6 weeks). The meetings serve as spaces where postdocs can share ideas with other postdocs, strengthen their network, and learn from the experiences of their peers. We look forward to welcoming you!

The meetings are held in either of two formats:

  • Digital postdoc get-together via Big Blue Button - links are sent out after the registration via email.
  • Postdoc lunch on site - we meet for lunch* at the restaurant Die Kate , Bismarckstrasse 32, 35390 Giessen

* Please note that the GGS cannot cover the costs for the participants' lunches, but that the lunch offers a chance of further networking on a self-payer basis.

Dates of the postdoc get-togethers/lunch in 2023:

April 26, 2023 Postdoc get-together: " Professoral Appointment and Tenure Track in the social sciences and humanities " with Professor Dr Simone Abendschön (JLU)
July 14, 2023 Postdoc lunch: "Working in Editorial Boards and as a Reviewer as part of the academic career" with Professor Dr Stefan Wahlen (JLU)

Next postdoc get-together in detail:

  • April 26, 2023, 12 noon - 1 pm (s.t.) via Big Blue Button
    Guest: Professor Dr Simone Abendschön (Department 03 der JLU, Chair for Political Science with focus on Methodology of Political Science with due regard to Democracy and Political Socialization Research

In our next get-together we talk about Professoral Appointment and Tenure Track in the social sciences and humanities . What does an appointment entail, how does one ideally prepare for evaluation? Together with Professor Abendschön, we discuss what the tenure track phase at JLU Giessen is like, identify some common pitfalls to be aware of, as well as many other things.

Please register for the get-together/lunch via email at postdocs Thank you very much!