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Third-party Funding Experts Programme 2022

The registration deadline for the 2022 programme has expired. You can apply for the cohort of 2023 in January 2023.



The programme's target group: PhD students who will graduate in 2022 and postdocs.
We are pleased to welcome both female and male early career researchers.



The success of a scientific career as a postdoc and in applying for a professorship depends to a large extent on the competence to acquire third-party funding. To enable young scientists at GGS to acquire this competence already during their doctoral or postdoctoral phase, the GGS has developed the programme "Third-party Funding Experts".


Participate exclusively in an intensive education programme for 9-months in which you will develop the competencies to develop third-party funded projects and to write project proposals.

Benefit from the exchange within the group, from collaboration in learning tandems and from individual coaching by a trainer.


This is what previous participants* have to say:

"What I particularly like about the programme is that the participants get a systematic and very comprehensive insight into the topic of third-party funding applications - with everything from the project idea to editing and submitting an application. The seminar has high practical relevance because the participants work on their own applications and are also supported in individual coaching sessions and receive helpful feedback."

"We have a friendly and open work climate. The idea that participants are organized in tandems to be able to support each other beyond the seminar sessions is helpful"

"The Third-party Funding Expert Programme has helped me a lot from the first session in co-developing, editing, and revising research proposals. The trainer went through all the important steps and aspects with us, from the project idea to the submission of the proposal, and enriched the sessions with her expertise and experience. In addition to the professional exchange with and the advice from the trainer - by the way also going beyond the sessions - the partnership exchange with the other PhD students and postdocs is also helpful for feedback and further development of the projects. I recommend the Third-party Funding Expert Programme to anyone who is currently writing project proposals or planning to do so in the future. With the GGS Third-party Funding Expert Programme, I feel well equipped with a specific perspective on calls for proposals, the 'toolbox' for writing them, and the critical eye for editing."

"I was encouraged and motivated in my plans. The atmosphere and the cooperation at each of the workshops were very constructive."

"I liked the interdisciplinarity of the participants. Because of this you're getting feedback on your third-party funding proposal from a nondisciplinary but qualified point of view." 

"In concrete terms, two of our own applications were created during this phase, both of which were submitted to third-party funding providers. Overall it is impressive to see how many applications can be developed and submitted in a time span of six months thanks to the expert guidance and support from participants in the course"

 *The statements were translated from German.


Participation requirement:

You are willing to attend the entire programme if possible (two excused [!] absences max.), to work on your own proposal between the individual event days, to give your tandem partner regular feedback and to discuss the progress of your own project, and to be included in the GGS expert pool as a third-party funding expert as well as to advise other junior researchers on third-party funding acquisiton. 


Language of the event: German



Dates 2022

Due to the necessity of scheduling the modules digitally, they are expected to be conducted via Webex on two half days (Thursdays and Fridays, 9:30am - 12:30pm each). Classroom sessions, on the other hand, are scheduled for a full day on Fridays 10:00am - 5:00pm. Whether the latter can be realized within the framework of the programme cannot be predicted at the present time. Optional writing appointments are expected to take place from 10:00am to 2:00pm.


Kick-off meeting and introduction in collegial consultation


(10am - 1pm)

Module 1: Third-party funding providers, funding opportunities and institutions 10. & 11.03.2022
Module 2: Project planning - the early application stage 28. & 29.04.2022
Optional writing session 1  13.05.2022
Module 3: Writing application - work plans, application structure 19. & 20.05.2022

Optional writing session 2 

Optional writing session 3

Optional writing session 4




Individual coaching

(each participant has a contingent of at least 2,5 hours incuding text feedback and reading time, one unit = 30 minutes)

Individual appointments

Module 4: Best practices: Learning from application examples, experiencing appraisals 

Optional: Discussion of own application examples  23.09.2022
Module 5: Convincing visualisation, finance plan  06. & 07.10. 2022
Module 6: Strategic career plannung with third-party funding 17 & 18.11.2022
Closing event tba (approx. 2h)

All dates may be subject to change.


We would like to thank the Women's and equal opportunity officer and the departments 01, 02, and 03 for their financial support of the programme: 


Since 2018the programme has been funded by the Departments of Law (01), Economics (02), and Social and Cultural Sciences (03).



In 2016 and 2017, the programme was funded by the Women's and Equal Opportunity Officer as part of the JLU Ideas Competition.

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