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Events & Programmes

Upcoming or past events
If you are looking for an upcoming (English) event, please have a look at the German event calendar.

If you are looking for a past (English) event, please have a look at the German website Veranstaltungsarchiv.


The curriculum of the GGS training programme is geared to both the professional and the further extracurricular skills of doctoral students and postdocs.

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Additional Events
Apart from its curriculum, the GGS offers further events dealing with a variety of topics and purposes, which are also open to members.
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Peer Networking

Please make use of the different possibilities of creating a network of like-minded people and other members of the GGS – in a spontaneous, casual and informal manner 

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The GGS programmes are meant to support and (further) train the members of a number of target groups during all phases, ranging from the beginning of their academic career to the creation of their own professorship.

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