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Postdocs at the GGS

As a postdoc at the GGS you have the opportunity to participate in a broad programme of events. Furthermore, you can make use of our individual consulting and coaching services.


The GGS is a participating centre in the Postdoc Career and Mentoring Office (PCMO), a central point of reference for all postdocs at Justus Liebig University (JLU).

In the postdoctoral phase we roughly distinguish two phases here at Justus Liebig University (see also Personalentwicklungskonzept der JLU in German):

- Qualification Phase: serves the development of professional as well as extra-professional competences, is intended for postdocs to demonstrate scientific competence.

- Trial and decision phase: serves to establish long-term scientific or non-scientific career goals and leads to working towards these goals

Postcast - the Postdoc Podcast

Episode 5: Tenure Track Professorship

Our guest:

Professor Dr Nicolas Pröllochs, Chair for Data Science and Digitalisation at JLU

Verena Graulich, PCMO Postdoc Coordination at the GGS

Tenure Track Professorships are meant to make the career path torwards professorships more transparent and plannable. Tenure Track positions are designed for researchers in an early career phase and after successfully going through the 6 year probation period, they ideally lead into lifelong professorship positions.

Together with our guest, Professor Dr Pröllochs, we talk about how it feels to hold a tenure track professorship and which pieces of advice he has for anyone aspiring to hold a tenure track professorship.

Contact us

We look forward to your e-mail to or you can contact one of the following postdoc coordinators personally:

Verena Graulich (M. Sc.)

PCMO Postdoc Coordinator at the GGS

Felix Wagner (M. A.)

PCMO Postdoc Coordinator at the GGS

+49 641 99 2137 5

+49 641 99 2137 2