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Section IV

Security Cultures in Eastern Europe

Security Cultures in Eastern Europe

This Section draws on a comprehensive approach to security, which extends beyond political-military aspects. Since 2015, the specific focus has highlighted the security situation in the six Eastern Partnership/EaP countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine) and their relations with Russia.

Considering that societies in Eastern Europe and South Caucasus are heavily contingent upon big powers’ security discourses, this Section aims at cultivating joint discussions and advancing the analysis of security risks and potential conflict management tools with partners from these countries.. This Section appropriately concentrates on security cultures in EaP countries, which depend on the individual societies’  identities and the interests of local elites. In addition, this Section engages in the analysis of the influence and local perception of international actors shaping the security situation in the EaP region.  


Section Leader:

Prof. Dr. Andrea Gawrich