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Project participants

Project participants at the Justus-Liebig University Giessen and at the Herder Institute Marburg

Project Managers (JLU Giessen and HI Marburg)

Prof. Dr. Monika Wingender Professor of Slavic Languages, managing director of the Giessen Centre for Eastern European Studies, official representative of the university partnership between Giessen and Łódź.
Research interests: sociolinguistics, contact linguistics; theory and typology of standard languages; language policy in Slavic countries; language policy in Russian- and Turkish-speaking language communities; functional-semantic language description of the Slavic languages.

Prof. Dr. Peter Haslinger Head of the Herder Institute, professor of Eastern European history in Giessen, chair of the Leibniz Graduate School for Cultures of Knowledge in Central European Transnational Contexts, current speaker of the Researcg Group A of the Leibniz Society.
Research interests: history of discourse and history of knowledge systems; nationalism, regionalism, minorities issues and compulsive migration; territoriality and history of cartography; memory culture; research in acculturation and interculturality.

Project Participants at the JLU Giessen

Prof. Dr. Thomas Bohn Professor of Eastern European history with a focus on the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union, responsible for the cooperation with Minsk.
Research interests: history of historiography and memory culture; urban history and urbanisation research; superstition and vampirism;  the public sphere and dissent; history of Belarus.
Prof. Dr. Hans-Jürgen Bömelburg Professor of East European History (W3), co-chair of the Executive Committee of the Joint German-Polish Textbook Commission.
Research interests: History of Early Modern culture, ideas and politics of Eastern Europe, contemporary history of East Central Europe, history of Poland (15th-20th centuries), history of German-Polish relations, regional and urban history in Eastern Europe.
Prof. Dr. Thomas Daiber Professor of Slavic Languages and Cultural Studies at the JLU, vice-dean of the Faculty 05, responsible for the cooperation with Kyiv.
Research interests: Historical linguistics (morphosyntax), text linguistics (speech analysis, namely discourse analysis and translations), Orthodox icons.
Prof. Dr. Cora Dietl Professor of German Literary History (focus: Middle Ages/Early modern period), acting chairwoman of the Philosophy Faculty Day, coordinator of the GIP Giessen-Klausenburg.
Research interests: Medieval and Early modern drama, medieval chivalric romance (in particular, Arthurian romance), German medieval literature in Eastern Europe (current project Hungary/Romania).
Prof. Dr. Sascha Feuchert Head of the Research Unit for Holocaust literature at the Institute for Germanic Studies at the JLU Giessen; Honorary professor of German literature at the Eastern Michigan University (MI, USA).
Research interests: 20th-century literature and contemporary literature, Holocaust literature, autobiographical writing, didactics of literature.
Prof. Dr. Alexander Graf Professor of Slavic philology (literary studies) at the JLU Giessen, responsible for the cooperation with St. Petersburg.
Research interests: contemporary Russian lyric poetry; contemporary Russian drama; modern Slavic literature; cultural contact in post-Soviet states; Russian Romanticism; lyric poetry of the 19th century.
Prof. Dr. Reinhard Ibler Professor of Slavic philology (literary studies) at the JLU, responsible for the cooperation with Prague.
Research interests: Russian, Czech and Polish literatures of the 18th-20th centuries; genre theory (drama, ballad, elegy, etc.); Holocaust literature and culture; literary cycles; literary theory.
Prof. Dr. Mark Kirchner Professor of Turkology at the JLU, responsible for MoU cooperation with Almaty.
Research interests: Turkish languages and cultures of the former Soviet Union, especially Kazakhstan, the Volga region of the Russian Federation; contemporary Turkish literature.
Prof. Dr. Andreas Langenohl Professor of Sociology at the JLU with a focus on the general methods of societal comparison, member of the GCSC Board as a Graduate Studies Executive, member of the International Advisory Council of the “Institute for the Comparative Study of Modernity” at the Kazan Federal University.
Research interests: Processes and theory of modernisation, economic sociology, epistemology of social sciences.