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The iFZ

The iFZ is a Justus Liebig University Giessen research infrastructure. Securing bioloical resources using basic research into complex biological systems is the vision of the interdisciplinary Research Center for Biosystems, Land Use and Nutrition (iFZ) at the Justus Liebig University. The meeting of scientists from different disciplines encourages pioneering research at the frontiers of agricultural science, ecology, nutritional sciences and biotechnology at all relevant scales of our environment.

Main building of the iFZ (Photo: Weber)

As a centre for applied life sciences, the iFZ is located at the heart of the natural science campus (Campus Seltersberg) with its facilities in biology, chemistry and physics, and is only a step away form the university hospital centre. The building infrastructure of the iFZ consists of a main building, several outbuildings and has state-of-the-art laboratories and experimental facilities.

The members of the center are experimentally working professorships of Biology (JLU Faculty 08) and Agricultural, Nutritional and Environmental Sciences (JLU Faculty 09). They research biological processes and develop methods for the sustainable use of natural resources under the conditions of climate change.

Long-standing research focuses on land use and biodiversity as well as the molecular-biological-biochemical and biotechnological research field of stress and adaptation. In the innovative insect biotechnology developed at the iFZ, biotechnological methods are researched and applied in order to utilize insects or insect-generated molecules, cells, organs and associated microorganisms as products or services.

The iFZ has its own  committees as part of the JLU's self-administration. A separate set of rules has been drawn up for the use of shared facilities and equipment.