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How do I get to my appointment in ILIAS?

1)     Follow thelink

2)     Log in to ILIAS with your student user name (s- or j-identifier) and password.

3)     Click on Calendar “Calendar” and on “Open Calendar”

4)     Check the boxes for office hours “Consultation hours” of the desired counsellor.

5)     Click on Update “Refresh”. Now the office hours are visible for you.

6)     Choose your preferred view (by week, by month).

7)     Select your appointment and click on it.


  • If you see the button book consultation “Book Appointment” in the upper left corner and further down Participant 0 “Teilnehmer 0”, the consultation is available.
  • If this button is missing and there is a 1 for participant, the consultation hour is already booked.
  • You have the best overview of still free appointments if you set the list view “Listenansicht”.


 What if I am a student of Psychology?

Some of the counsellors of our team teach at the department FB06. In order to avoid the difficult situation that counselling and teaching/grading are done by the same person, we ask psychology students to book appointments exclusively with  Mr. Henze!

Where is the Psychological Counseling Center at the ZfbK and how do I get there?



Arrival on foot and by bike:

The PBS is located directly at the intersection of Aulweg and Leihgesterner Weg in an older concrete building across from the flower store.


Arrival by bus:

Line 3 and line 13 stop Ludwig-Uhland-Schule

Line 10 stop Arndtstraße


Directions by car:

Gießener Ring exit Schiffenberger Tal, into town until Sandkauter Weg, via Erdkauter Weg and Wilhelmstraße into Ohlebergsweg. Turn right into Leihgesterner Weg until you reach number 52 on the left before the traffic lights.


Gießener Ring exit Gießen-Kleinlinden, into town via Robert-Sommer-Straße, Schubertstraße and Aulweg. At the intersection of Aulweg and Leihgesterner Weg, turn right. First building and entrance on the right.

Sufficient parking is available on the premises.