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Current Course Program WiSe (23/24)

For up-to-date information please refer to the German website.


Courses offered (from 16/10/2023)          

Our courses take place online, hybrid and in person. Please note the information in the course descriptions.
Our registration dates and rules for the winter semester:

From Monday, 11/09/2023 to Monday, 18/09/2023, 8 a.m: Priority registration for Bachelor students completing their studies in WiSe 2023/24. If you belong to this group, please send us an email with your reasons and desired courses to:akom

From Monday, 18/09/2023, 8 a.m.: Start of registration for Bachelor students via StudIP for initially a maximum of two seminar places.

Monday, 25/09/2023, 8 a.m.: Lottery procedure for registrations to date.

From Monday, 25/09/2023, 9 a.m.: First-come, first-served allocation of remaining spaces to students aiming for a state examination or Master's degree.

Please also note our general regulations on course registration/withdrawal.


Course Title Lecturers Synchronous-Dates Format
Globales Mindset: Nachhaltigkeit und Vielfalt leben (2 CP) Kerstin Dresing Mo 10 am -12 pm, 16/10/2023-05/02/2024 Face-to-Face
Stimmtraining für Lehramtsstudierende - mit Einsatz der VR-Brille (2 CP) Dr. Ulrike Nespital Di 10 am - 12 pm, 17/10/2023-06/02/2024 Face-to-Face
"Lab for Intercultural Readiness" - Intercultural Workshop and Coaching (in English, B2+) (1 CP) Kerstin Dresing

23/10/2023 - 14/01/2024

Kompetent Referate halten (Präsenz) (2 CP) Laura Fonzetti 27/10, 28/10, 03/11/2023 Face-to-Face
Globaler Wandel - Japan im Fokus (2 CP) Wolf Hannes Kalden 27/10, 18/11, 22/11, 06/12, 20/12/2023, 10/01, 26/01, 02/02/2024 Face-to-Face and Online
"Europa macht Schule" - Interkulturelles Schulprojekt (2 CP) Stefanie Plitt 30/10, 08/11, 29/11/2023, 17/01, 06/02, 07/02/2024 Face-to-Face
Kommunikation und Konfliktkompetenz (2 CP) Verena Buren 01/11, 08/11, 22/11, 29/11, 07/12/2023 Online
Argumentieren, diskutieren, debattieren (Online und Präsenz) (2 CP) Laura Fonzetti 24/11, 01/12, 02/12/2023 Face-to-Face and Online
Gewaltfreie/Wertschätzende Kommunikation (GFK) nach Marshall B. Rosenberg (1 CP) Beate Waltrup 20/01, 21/01/2024 Online


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