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Prof. Dr. Gertrud Morlock

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Chair of Food Science

Department of Nutritional Science

Faculty 09 - Agricultural Sciences, Nutritional Sciences and Environmental Management

Justus-Liebig University Gießen

Mail: gertrud.morlock

Phone: +49 (0)641 99-39140


Related to Food Systems and their transformation to more sustainability...

  • My Expertise is...

  • For me the biggest Challenges are...

  • My Project/Collaboration Ideas are...

  • Sustainable miniaturized analysis
  • Profiling of harmful/beneficial compounds
  • Food safety
  • Food authenticity
  • Safety in the global food production chain
  • Prioritisation of contaminants
  • Detection of adulteration
  • 2LabsToGo: miniaturized open-source chromatography system
  • Screening of food samples for harmful compounds
  • Profiling as proof of authenticity or evidence of adulteration