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With each member, expertise in the entire food system is expanded, enabling research into healthier, more socially acceptable, environmentally sustainable, and animal welfare-friendly food systems.

Resource & Production Processing

Retail & Market


Institutional environment






Our Members

Prof. Dr. Lutz Breuer  

Prof. Dr. John Clifton-Brown 

 Prof. Dr. med. Jan de Laffolie, MME, MA    

Chair of Landscape, Water and Biogeochemical Cycles Chair of Crop Biomass and Bioresources Head of Pediatric Gastroenterology/Hepatology/Nutrition

Prof. Dr. Gunter P. Eckert 

Prof. Dr. Klaus Eder    

Prof. Dr. Mathias Faßhauer 

Chair of Nutrition in Prevention & Therapy

Chair of Animal Nutrition Chair of Human Nutrition

Prof. Dr. Michael Frei

Prof. Dr. Andreas Gattinger  

Prof. Dr. Ulrike Gisch  

Chair of Agronomy and Crop Physiology Chair of Organic Farming with focus on sustainable soil use Chair of Nutritional Psychology

Prof. Dr. Agnieszka A. Golicz 

Prof. Dr. Wencke Gwozdz  

Prof. Dr. Jasmin Godemann  

Chair of Agrobioinformatics Chair of Supply and Consumption Research Chair of Communication and Extension in Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences

Prof. Dr. Christian Herzig    

Prof. Dr. Suzanne Jacobs  

Prof. Dr.Gudrun Keding

Chair of Business Administration in the Food Industry and Agribusiness Chair of Land Use Systems with focus on agroforestry Chair of International Food Security

Prof. Dr. Gertrud Morlock   

Prof. Dr. Martin Petrick

Dr. Marie Reusch  

Chair of Food Science Chair of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Policy Postdoctoral Researcher at the Institute of Political Science

Prof. Dr. Robert Ringseis

Univ.-Prof. Dr. med Elke Roeb, MHAC

Prof. Dr. Marc F. Schetelig

Chair of Sustainable and Functional Animal Nutrition Chair of Gastroenterology Chair of Insect Biotechnology in Plant Protection

 Prof. Dr. Sarah Schiessl-Weidenweber  

 Dr. Sandra Schwindenhammer    

Prof. Dr. Rod Snowdon  

Chair Genetics of Crop Diversity Deputy Coordinator and Sub-Project Leader
BMBF project "SUSKULT"
Chair of Plant Breeding

Prof. Dr. Ramona Teuber  

Prof. Dr. Stefan Wahlen  

Prof. Dr. Anika Wagner    

Chair of Agricultural and Food Market Analysis Chair of Food Sociology Chair of Nutrition & Immune System


Dr. Christina Weber   

Postdoctoral Researcher Sustainable Agriculture Economics    

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