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Arrival/Pick-Up Service

Arrival/Pick-Up Service

Arrival / Pick-up Service

On 29 August 2024, the day of arrival, we will welcome you at our JLU booth on platform 1, Giessen railway station, between 8.00 am and 7.00 pm. We will hand out your room keys and personally accompany you to the student dormitory. Please inform us in advance of your exact time of arrival:


If you want to arrive earlier please contact the and find out when and how you can get your room keys!


Please note: As we start with the placement test on 30 August 2024, we strongly recommend that you do not arrive late!




Travel Information

Due to the central location of Giessen and the immediate proximity to Frankfurt Airport, the city can easily be reached by various means of transportation:


It is best to fly directly to Frankfurt Rhein/Main Airport (FRA) and not to Frankfurt Hahn Airport since Hahn is actually located in the Hunsrück Mountains, about 150 kilometers away from Frankfurt/Main and 200 km away from Giessen.

If you still intend to arrive at Hahn, take the Airport Bus (click on "Frankfurt" on the map of these pages of Hahn Airport) to Frankfurt/Main Hauptbahnhof (main train station - 1 hour and 45 min.). Trains from Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof to Giessen leave every hour.

Having arrived at Frankfurt/Main Airport, take either local S-Bahn or regional trains (RE) from Frankfurt Airport Regionalbahnhof at Terminal 1 to Frankfurt Central Station (Hauptbahnhof) or take fast InterCity (IC) and ICE trains from Frankfurt/Main Airport Fernbahnhof at Terminal 1 to Frankfurt Central Station (Hauptbahnhof). Trains leave every 15 min.
Trains from Frankfurt Central Station (Hauptbahnhof) to Giessen leave at least every hour.


Giessen is well connected to Europe’s rail network. All European train connections to and from Giessen can be found on


Various operators connect European cities directly with the city of Giessen (the bus terminal is in front of the main train station) or Frankfurt.

Giessen is reached by long-distance buses from almost 600 German and European cities


Giessen is also well connected to the Autobahn/Motorway system. Google Maps enables you to find the fastest route to Giessen. If you arrive by car, you should still come to Giessen Main Train Station to pick up your keys for your room and for further information.



If you need a visa, please bear in mind that the application for a visa may take up to three months. Please contact your embassy or consulate as soon as possible.






Health insurance, personal liability insurance, and accident insurance are not included in the course fee.

If you live in a EU country, please bring along your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), which is valid for the duration of the International Summer Course and your time of study.

If you come from a non-EU-country and you want to study in Giessen, you must register with a German health insurance company. You can register with a health insurance company during the International Summer Course in the first week of the course. Sufficient health insurance is mandatory. Health insurance for students costs approx. € 125 per month.

Please note: If you register with a health insurance company in Giessen, the insurance cover will only become effective on October 1!

We strongly recommend that you obtain a health insurance for the duration of your stay in your home country prior to departure. It should also cover your arrival and departure days.



Whether you need a short-term study/tourist visa to enter the so-called Schengen Area of the European Union depends on your personal circumstances.

Please see the web pages of the German Foreign Office.

Please note:

Most visa applications will take between six weeks and three months. For the visa process, you will probably need proof of sufficient health insurance plus a true copy (no email/fax) of an invitation letter from the Justus Liebig University Giessen. Please plan the start of your visa application process accordingly.

Make sure that your arrival and departure times correspond to the validity of your visa and the reservation of your accommodation.

DAAD Scholarships

DAAD Scholarships

If you need financial assistance, please contact the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) directly. The application period for a DAAD scholarship for participation in a summer school usually begins in October. Your application must be handed in before the end of the year.

Applications for a DAAD scholarship must always be made in your country of origin. The DAAD has offices in Japan, Indonesia, Poland, Russia, England, the USA, France, Egypt, Mexico, Kenya, India, Brazil and China.

Applicants from other countries should contact the German embassy or general consulate of their home country.


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