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Application / Matriculation

Before you are able to embark on your doctoral studies at JLU Giessen you will first have to find a supervisor at JLU who is willing to act as your tutor for your thesis. Please contact a professor of your choice at the respective department of JLU and explain your project. Immatrikulation As soon as you have received a positive reply in writing ("letter of endorsement") you can apply to JLU to become a doctoral student. You can also apply for matriculation. You can apply any time for matriculation as a doctoral student - there are no deadlines. Please remember that matriculation is not always required. Some graduate centres and programmes to require matriculation, however. Please contact the respective programme/graduate centre for details.

There is also a difference between matriculation to JLU and the acceptance as a doctoral student at the respective faculty. For details on how to apply to the faculty as a doctoral student (with the letter of endorsement of the professor of your choice), please contact the respective examination authority.

Although you do not have to matriculate at JLU, becoming a member of the student body has its advantages: you will get the semester ticket which enables you to use local public transport for free, you will get meals at a reduced price at student restaurants, you will be able to apply for a place in a student hall of residence, you will pay reduced entrance fees for selected museums, etc. If you decide to become a member of the student body, please click on the following link for the necessary documents and forms for matriculation. Please see these pages on doctoral studies at JLU should you hold a German university admission eligibility certificate.