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Financing Your Doctoral Studies

There are many ways to finance your doctoral studies. These are the most important options:

Please keep in mind:

Please ask the German Embassy or DAAD branch office in your country for details on postgraduate or doctorate grants. You can only apply for these grants in your home country.

Please have a look at the DAAD grant database for details.

Unfortunately, there have been some cases of dubious grants. It is very unusual, for example, to be asked to pay money in advance or even to provide fingerprints. Please be very cautious in these cases and let us know about them. All grants listed in the DAAD database and those listed on JLU web pages are trustworthy.

Becoming a member of staff of JLU (e.g. a research assistant): all posts are advertised on the JLU job market. You not only have to officially apply, you must also expect a high number of competitors for the post. As a research assistant you will not only have to work on your thesis, you will also have to work for a certain number of hours per week, e.g. by supporting the department with teaching and research. Please keep in mind that being resonsible for your own class, for example, is not only fun, it also involves a lot of work in addition to your own research. As a member of staff, you will be able to earn your living, however. A post as a research assistant can also boost your career.

There are also special grant programmes which might be interesting for you, e.g. a doctoral grant by JLU's GCSC, sponsored by the German Universities Excellence Initiative.