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Justus Liebig University Giessen offers tailor-made and systematic support of international young researchers and scientists in all disciplines.

The conferral of a doctorate proves that you are able to work independently and in-depth on a scientific project. It allows you to bear the academic title "Dr." All faculties of JLU offer a doctorate. Generally, the prerequisite for embarking on doctoral studies is a successfully completed university degree (e.g. Master, Magister, Diplom, State Examination). Special rules apply for some degrees. Please see the code of regulations for doctoral degrees for details. Your first contact person for all questions on formalities is always the respective deanery of the faculty. You can gain the title of Dr. at JLU Giessen in the following areas:

  • Dr. agr. (Agricultural Sciences)Doktor Buddha
  • Dr. oec. troph. (Nutritional Sciences and Home Economics)
  • Dr. phil. (Humanities)
  • Dr. rer. nat. (Natural Sciences)
  • Dr. rer. soc. (Social Sciences)
  • Dr. rer. pol. (Economics/Business Studies)
  • Dr. jur. (Jurisprudence)
  • Dr. med. / Dr. hum. biol. (Medicine)
  • Dr. med. vet. (Veterinary Medicine)
  • Dr. med. dent. (Dentistry)

The academic title of "Ph.D." (= Doctor of Philosophy) can be gained by completing the Ph.D-degree programme of JLU's Faculties of Veterinary Medicine and Medicine. Please see the

You have two options of doing your doctorate at JLU Giessen: either you decide to apply for admission to

or you write your thesis on your own whilst being supervised by a professor of your choice before taking the final examinations.

You can only profit, however, from the various advantages of JLU's graduate programmes or schools: you will be able to closely collaborate with other young scientists and you will be guided throughout your doctoral studies. You will not only do research on your own, you will also closely interact with other scholars and be part of a research network.

Pleaser remember that you will have to apply for such a programme. Further information can be found on the web pages of the respective graduate programme or graduate school (see above).

Irrespective of the option of your choice (i.e., whether you enrol in a doctoral programme or decide to work independently), doctoral studies at JLU take about 2-5 years. You can enrol at JLU for your doctoral studies, but this is not always a must.

JLU Giessen offers an ideal international research environment: more than 20% of all doctoral students enrolled at JLU are international students. And this statistics does not include doctoral students of JLU who decided not to enrol!