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Research Profile

As a differentiated comprehensive university, Justus Liebig University Giessen (JLU) offers a broad spectrum of subjects organized in eleven departments. The spectrum ranges from the classical humanities and social sciences (including law and economics), psychology and sports science to the natural and life sciences (including human and veterinary medicine). The university's research profile is continuously coordinated between the Executive Board, the departments and the university committees. It is currently divided into three levels with two internationally visible priority areas, five potential areas leading in collaborative research and 28 focus areas in the departments.


The Liebig Concept

JLU's research strategy „The Liebig Concept“ formulates guiding strategic impulses for the further expansion of (top-level) research at the university for the 2020s. The Liebig Concept is based on a comprehensive analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of research at JLU. This also took into account the ancillary performance dimensions of teaching, transfer and research infrastructure.


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Research Profile Areas at JLU

JLU's research profile focuses on the further development and strengthening of its areas of focus and potential. This is supported by a strategically oriented appointment policy, intra-university structural development, the acquisition of major national and international funding formats and the systematic use of corresponding state funding. Development planning also aims to promote research performance across the breadth of the university. The focus areas of the departments are an important instrument here.

Focus areas fulfill the classic performance indicators of cutting-edge research, they have outstanding performance and special international appeal.

Focus Areas

Areas of potential are research alliances with strong external cooperation partners that meet the key performance parameters of internationally visible cutting-edge research.

Areas of Potential

Accent areas of the faculties represent special features of the research profile. They are often located in the transitional area between individual research and collaborative research.

Accent areas of the Faculties


Future-oriented research perspectives at JLU

Individual research in the breadth of its subject areas, participation in outstanding collaborative research projects, the further expansion and continuous renewal of its research infrastructures and the targeted promotion of young researchers form the basis of JLU's research success.

As the most successful Hessian university in the Excellence Strategy of the federal and state governments, JLU has demonstrated its ability to develop internationally visible top-level research in recent years.

JLU in the Excellence Strategy

Excellent, interdisciplinary research achievements are promoted at JLU through six interdisciplinary research centers and the systematic establishment of core facilities.

Interdisciplinary Research Centers/
Core Facilities

The systematic promotion of young academics through coordinated support structures for all career stages has been one of the University's strategic priorities for many years.

Graduate education and early career support


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