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Permanent committee for security-related research

The senate appointed a permanent committee for security-relevant research at Justus Liebig University Giessen, which assumed its duties in September 2015. The committee's work is based on an associated statute from March 31, 2015. The committee can be seen as an instrument of consultation at the university and will primarily raise awareness among researchers in all departments of the university of any possible dual use problems in their research and findings. The goal of this committee's work is to be sure JLU appropriately and responsibly deals with possible controversies arising from research within the university and makes its own decisions under the law. This committee is therefore an instrument to self-regulate academics and, based on its special proximity and competence, can react as an early warning system with regards to new problems in research by conducting difficult risk analyses and assessing the impact of research.

As part of its legal obligations as an institution, in particular Para. 3 (1) Hessian Collegiate Law (HHG) and Para. 28 HHG, the university is responsible for taking all appropriate measures to minimize risks in research, teaching, and supporting junior researchers. However, considering applicable legal regulations and the ethical principles outlined in a joint paper from the DFG and Leopoldina, each individual researcher is obligated to submit all research activities to a risk analysis and a proactive assessment of their potential impact.

In this context, the statute for the permanent committee for security-relevant research stipulates that researchers at the university must themselves report whether or not their research projects include or might include security-relevant aspects. The committee can, according to the statute, also provide relevant information to third parties about possible security-relevant research within their own work.



For any questions regarding this topic, please contact the staff of the Research Office (tel.: 0641/99-12101).


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Circular 30/2015 Permanent committee for security-relevant research at Justus Liebig University Giessen / Self-reporting possible security-relevant aspects of research projects (German only)

Circular 29/2018 Permanent committee for security-relevant research at Justus Liebig University Giessen / Self-reporting possible security-related aspects (German only)

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