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Music (B.A.)

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The study of music examines historical and contemporary manifestations of music, how it is and has been structured, produced and received, as well as its social function. This degree programme gives particular weight to the following areas:

  • Systematic Musicology
  • Historical Musicology
  • Applied Music Theory
  • Methods of Music Research

Number of enrolled students

31 students are enrolled in this bachelor degree course (as of winter semester 2017/18).


since 21 August 2007.

Composition of the Study Programme

Degree BA


Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Duration of studies 6 Semester 180 Credit Points (CP)

Duration of Studies

6 Semesters - 180 Credit Points (CP)

Composition of the Study Programme

Composition of the Study Programme

Composition of the Study Programme

This Bachelor of Arts in Music Education is split into a two-year foundation programme followed by one year of specialisation. It is complemented by two ancillary subjects (30 CP each). Music Education is compulsory and the second ancillary subject can be freely chosen from the range of modules offered by a number of cooperating faculties and departments.
This applies to subjects in the areas of languages, liberal arts, cultural studies and psychology. (Please note that some subjects require a proof of language skills. Make sure that you ask about language requirements well in advance!)

In their first four semesters, students of music as a major subject gain an overview of the themes, issues, methods and research interests of the field and are introduced to the most important principles of academic work. Courses revolve around such subject matter as film music, the history of popular music, music and emotions, musical taste as well as how music and its context have developed in society throughout history. Students are also given a theoretical grounding in notation, counterpoint and harmony, and practice applying this knowledge in simple arrangement and analysis tasks.

In their final year, students consolidate and hone their skills in dealing with issues under discussion in music studies, which requires an interdisciplinary approach and the ability to transfer knowledge between academic contexts due to the interplay within those issues of the aesthetics, psychology and sociology of music. At the same time, seminars on new music and popular music further the Department of Music and Music Education's particular research focus. A seminar with an integrated excursion serves to show students possible careers.


International dimension

This programme owes its international dimension to the increasing number of areas in music and music education to which an international approach is relevant as well as to the global presence of the music industry. In particular, it is normal to read academic literature written in English.

Language requirements

Language requirements

Please note that you might have to give proof that you fulfil certain language skills already upon matriculation. More on this...


Commencement of Studies in the Winter Semester

Commencement of studies

Only possible in the winter semester

Entrance Requirements Abitur ohne Praktikumsnachweis

Entrance requirements

  • Applicants must have an Abitur (German school leaver's examination for university entrance) or equivalent. More on this...
  • Certification of a pre-professional practical period is not required.
  • Special regulations apply to foreign applicants or those who gained their university-entrance qualifications abroad. Read more...

Aptitude Test

  • Each applicant must pass an aptitude test. Registration must be received by May 15th of any year. More on this...
Language requirements

Language requirements

Please note that you might have to give proof that you fulfil certain language skills already upon matriculation. More on this...

Application not limited only winter

Application / Enrolment

  • The study programme is not subject to admission restrictions.

  • The enrolment period for the winter semester begins at the beginning of June.

  • The end of the enrolment period is determined anew each year, please enquire in the application portal during the enrolment period.

Different rules apply in some cases for international applicants. More...


Application period

Please note that the application period for the Bachelor's course can be extended. This information will be published here (in German).

Career Options

Career Options

Options for further study at JLU

JLU offers a Master's programme in Applied Musicology. Students of this degree can focus on either Music Communication, Popular Music and, or Empirical Music Research.


Career options

Equipped with their well-founded grounding in theory and their knowledge of methodological practice, graduates of Giessen's BA in Music can be employed in a wide spectrum of jobs. There is a great variety of possible careers for them to choose from, particularly in the cultural sector, communications and further education but also in parts of business and trade. They can help to meet the still-growing need for secondary service provision (e.g. organisation, planning and management; care, consultation, education and publishing; research and development). This degree, depending on which areas students have chosen to specialise and particularly in combination with the follow-up Master's, qualifies them for jobs in

  • editing (print media, broadcasting, internet),
  • cultural institutions (e.g. museums, archives, theatre),
  • education (e.g. private schools, music schools),
  • cultural clubs and associations,
  • culture departments within companies,
  • recording and sound design,
  • universities and other musical higher-education and/or research institutions,
  • record production, distribution and publishing,
  • book and sheet-music production, distribution and publishing,
  • music management,
  • advertising (both using music to advertise and advertising music),
  • tourism and the leisure industry.

Further Information

Further Information: Documents

PDF documents for the courses of study


Examination- and study regulations


Courses offered in the course catalogue

International pages

Please have a look at our International Pages for more information in English.

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Any Questions?

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Subject Advisors

Georg Wissner M.A.
Institut für Musikwissenschaft und Musikpädagogik
Philosophikum II, building D, room 012
Karl-Glöckner-Straße 21
35394 Gießen
Phone: 0641 - 99 25113
Office hours: by appointment

Central Study Advisor
Natascha Koch
Central Student Services

Directions and welcome desk