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Applied Theatre Studies (B.A.)

Taught in German



Zur Illustration: Schatten an der Wand von Menschen, die Schlagzeug spielen.

Number of enrolled students

111 students are enrolled in this bachelor degree course (as of winter semester 2017/18).


since 21 August 2007.


The course of studies consists of obligatory and optional theatre science modules as well as of modules from the participating departments:

  • German Studies,
  • English Language,
  • Romance Languages,
  • Slavonic Languages,
  • Ancient Studies,
  • Philosophy,
  • History of Art,
  • Music,
  • Sociology.

Characteristic of the Theatre Science modules is the way in which practice and theory of the theatre are made to dovetail and at the same time there is a theoretical and a practical analysis of theatrical form, content and issues.


Theatre Science module

In the Theatre Science modules it is intended that the courses of study will deal (in form of theoretical and practical seminars as well as scenic realization projects of historical and contemporary theatre forms) with theory, aesthetics and semiotics of theatre process, as well as with the relationship of the theatre to other art forms.


Scenic Projects

In the scenic projects of the guest professors (directors, choreographers, performance artists, authors, etc.) students are to become familiarized with a variety of artistic and creative modes of working and thus learn the perspectives on theater and the more closely connected arts and skills and formulate their own artistic approaches. In practical courses the students will also be introduced to a variety of theatre professions, artistic skills and tools (e.g. stage technology, video editing, sound studio, physical and vocal training, scenery).



Study requirements

Due to the broad scope of the subject - encompassing the perfomative arts from the end of the Nineteenth Century until today as well as historical connections to the preceding centuries, i.e., the ancient world, the Renaissance or the Baroque - the teaching will be based on examplary learning. Academic research and artistic methods rely heavily on examplary learning and require a large amount of individual competence.

Composition of the Study Programme

Degree BA


Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Duration of studies 6 Semester 180 Credit Points (CP)

Duration of Studies

6 Semesters - 180 Credit Points (CP)

Composition of the Study Programme

Composition of degree programme


  1. In the form of theoretical seminars, practical classes and scenic projects, the Applied Theatre Science classes deal with historical and contemporary forms of theatre, theory, aesthetics and semiotics of theatrical processes;
  2. In practical courses students are introduced to various theatre-related professions and artistic techniques and skills;
  3. An integral part of the BA course is an internship at an established cultural institution;
  4. As well as the possibility to recognise individual achievements (e.g. the organisation of a festival) as part of a module.

Applied Theatre Science can only be studied as a separate course of study. It cannot be combined with other subjects.

During the course of study, certain modules have to be chosen:

  • Eight mandatory Theatre Science Modules
  • Three out of four mandatory Theatre Science Modules (one module can be chosen twice)
  • Five Modules from the associated subjects
  • One module from extra-curricular activities
  • Thesis module


Commencement of Studies in the Winter Semester

Commencement of studies

Only possible in the winter semester

Entrance Requirements Abitur ohne Praktikumsnachweis

Entrance requirements

  • Applicants must have an Abitur (German school leaver's examination for university entrance) or equivalent. More on this...
  • Certification of a pre-professional practical period is not required.
  • Special regulations apply to foreign applicants or those who gained their university-entrance qualifications abroad. Read more...

Aptitude Test

A test of artistic skill is also required. Information on the aptitude test (requirements, procedure, etc.)

Language requirements

Language requirements

Please note that you might have to give proof that you fulfil certain language skills already upon matriculation. More on this...

Application not limited only winter

Application / Enrolment

  • The study programme is not subject to admission restrictions.

  • The enrolment period for the winter semester begins at the beginning of June.

  • The end of the enrolment period is determined anew each year, please enquire in the application portal during the enrolment period.

Different rules apply in some cases for international applicants. More...


Application period

Please note that the application period for the Bachelor's course can be extended. This information will be published here (in German).

Career Options

Career Options

Options for further study at JLU Gießen



Occupational fields

Graduates of this course of study are theoretically as well as practically qualified. They have basic competences for dramaturgic, conceptual and editorial tasks whereby practical relevance as well as theoretical reflectivity play a role. The intended professional areas after the Bachelor`s degree comprise the basic area of the entire cultural life, e.g. in terms of activities as

  • assistant director,
  • trainee,
  • dramaturgy assistant.

Further Information

Further Information: Documents

PDF documents for the courses of study


Examination- and study regulations


Courses offered in the course catalogue

Bachelor's Degree Programmes of Faculty 05

  • Language, Literature, Culturepossible major subjects:
    • English Language, Literatures & Cultures
    • French Language, Cultures and Literatures
    • German Studies / Literature
    • Germani Studies / Linguistics
    • Spanisch Language, Cultures and Literatures
    • Russian Language, Cultures and Literatures
    • Polisth Language, Cultures and Literatures
    • Czech Language, Cultures and Liteatures
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Subject Advisors
Subject Advisors Applied Theatre Science

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