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Comparative Studies - Comparative Literature and Culture (M.A.)

Taught in German


Master of Arts in Comparative Studies - Comparative Literature and Culture (One-subject-Master's degree


The Master of Arts in Comparative Studies - Comparative Literature and Culture at JLU investigates interdisciplinary cultural and media-oriented questions, thereby including new areas of study and research which have been frequently neglected in traditional Comparative Studies.

Other significant features in the profile of the new Master of Arts programme will be a stronger focus on international Anglophone, Francophone and Hispanophone regions outside Europe (Latin America, Africa, USA etc.) and, in this context, the question of cultural transfer. Here, mobility, flexibility, practical orientation and cultural transfer are key competences and central approaches.

The Master of Arts is international and interdisciplinary in nature and offers research-oriented training in a cultural-studies approach to literature and its cultural contexts, particularly also to phenomena such as intermediality, transmediality and cultural exchange and dialogue.


The structure of the programme is planned to focus on research-based training in the first two semesters, which will then be complemented by a semester abroad or an internship (e.g. at a museum, publishing house or a cultural management agency) in line with the international and career-oriented nature of the degree. The final semester will be devoted to writing an M.A. thesis. The subjects involved in the programme are Comparative Studies, English, French, Spanish and German in Faculty 05 “Language, Literature, Culture”. The programme is therefore ideal for students holding a B.A. in Comparative Studies, foreign literature or other interdisciplinary cultural degrees.


The aim of this Master's degree is to qualify graduates for leading positions in the area of culture, at public institutions and in cultural management. They will also be well equipped to carry out advanced research work in the academic fields of culture and/or literature.

Duration of studies 4 Semester 120 Credit Points (CP)

Duration of Studies

4 Semesters - 120 Credit Points (CP)

Composition of the Study Programme

Composition of the Study Programme

Composition of the Study Programme

The study pathway contains modules from the field of theoretical and practical philosophy as well as philosophy and Life sciences. Furthermore, three project modules need to be chosen, which offer the possibility to work on and present philosophical topics in the form of projects.

In a free modules, you can choose freely from the department of philosophy or choose courses from the Centre for Competence Development (ZfbK) or apply as a tutor at the department of philosophy.

Within the module "Philosophical Oberseminar" studens can work on their own research topics, evaluate them, and present them. The research should serve as the foundation for the Master's Thesis.




1st semester2nd semester
New approaches in Comparative Literature and Culture. New perspectives in Comparative Literature: literary and cultural history.

Please choose two out of three modules:

  • Intermediality and Transmediality
  • Globalisation – Economy – Ecology
  • Interculturality and Transculturality

Please choose two out of three modules:

  • Intermediality and Transmediality
  • Periodization and change in literary and media history
  • Interculturality and Transculturality
3rd semester4th semester
Please choose a semester abroad or the listed modules below. Thesis
Semester abroad
  • Practical training
  • Text, criticism and cultural practice


Master-Thesis (30cp)

The degree course ends with the Master's thesis, in which students plan, perform and document a comparative project.


Further Information

A description of the core- and specialisation modules can be found in the special regulations with module descriptions and module plans (in German)

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Commencement of Studies in the Winter and Summer Semester

Commencement of studies

Summer semester and winter semester

Entrance requirements

Entrance Requirements

The requirement for acceptance into the Master's course is a completed Bachelor's degree or Teaching degree where at least 20cp were acquired in the area of literary studies.The board of examiners may recognise other courses of study as equivalent after examining individual cases and, if necessary, impose conditions on admission.

In addition, prerequisites are language skills in English (level B2).

Language requirements

Language requirements

Please note that you might have to give proof that you fulfil certain language skills already upon matriculation. More on this...

Application not limited

Application for admission and registration

  • The intake capacity of this degree programme is not limited internally by the university.
  • Applications must be received by the JLU Student Secretariat by 15th January for the summer semester and 15th July for the winter semester. More on this...
  • Special regulations apply to foreign applicants or those who gained their university-entrance qualifications abroad. Read more...


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Further Information

Further Information: Documents

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Examination- and study regulations


Courses offered in the course catalogue

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Any Questions?

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Subject Advisors

Subject Advisors

Prof. Dr. Kirsten von Hagen
Philosophikum II, house G, room 110b
Karl-Glöckner-Str. 21
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Phone: +49 (0) 641 - 99 31120/31148 (Sekr.)


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