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Modern Languages and Language Teaching (MA)

The main language of instruction of this course of study is German. All language subjects are also taught in the respective language; almost all English courses are taught in English. Languages: English, French, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Portuguese and/or Czech

iwichtig | byBen Kahl/JLUAs of the winter semester 2019 / 2020 no new applications for admission will be accepted!


Master of Arts (MA)

Duration of studies

4 semesters - 120 Credit Points (CP)


since 21 August 2007


The MA course Modern Languages and Language Teaching continues the established tradition of the Gießen diploma degree course "Applied Foreign Language and Language Teaching". The success and the popularity of this course of study results from its consistent opening up of a field of application that covers the teaching of foreign languages in private and public institutions, in particular in the adult and vocational education. Another reason is the development of respective didactics as a precondition for preparation for professional work in this area. In this way the course of study takes up the necessity of a multilingual education which is - also politically and socially - demanded on a European level.
Furthermore, the course of study includes the opportunity for the development of research-based didactics of teaching modern languages - and thus a professionalization of teaching and learning foreign languages, achieved through the study of foreign language teaching (eligible as major subject in English). In this way the course promotes the distinct Gießen tradition of innovative, theoretically highly-developed and empirical foreign language teaching and also multilingual teaching or the teaching of tertiary Romance languages.

Entrance requirements

The requirement for acceptance into the Master`s course is a completed  Bachelor`s degree with a relevant subject profile. Preceding studies must have produced an academic profile which provides the basis for acceptance in the chosen course of studies. Furthermore students must provide proof of certain language skills: information about language requirements.

Application and admission

  • The degree course is not limited internally.
  • The general application deadline of JLU Gießen is July 15 for the winter semester.
  • Important information about the application procedure.
  • Please note that the application period for the Master's course can be extended. This information will be published here (in German).
  • Special regulations apply to foreign applicants or those who gained their university-entrance qualifications abroad. More on this..

Commencement of studies

Only possible in the winter semester

Composition of degree programme

The course consits of a major subject (50 cp + Thesis 30 cp), one language ancillary subject (20 cp) and one didactical ancillary subject (20 cp). The following regulations apply:
  1. Subjects with the same name may not be combined as a major subject and an ancillary subject.
  2. The combination must contain two foreign languages and one subject in foreign language teaching.
  3. The ancillary subject in didactics must be applied to the major subject in the foreign language.
  4. As an exception to 3. the combination of the major subject in didactics "Teaching English as a Foreign Language" with the ancillary subject "Didactics of the Romance Languages" is allowed as long as a Romance language is chosen as the other ancillary subject.
  5. An exception to 2. and 4. is the combination of a philology as the major subject with an ancillary subject of the respective foreign language teaching didactics and the ancillary subject German as a Foreign Language.
 Major Subject Language
Ancillary Subject
Didactic Ancillary Subject
Subjects in English Studies
Anglophone Literary, Cultural and Media Studies (ALCMS) X X
English Linguistics X X
Teaching English as a Foreign Language X X
Subjects in Romance Studies
French  X  X
Spanish  X  X
Portuguese  X
Didactics of the Romance Languages X
German as Foreign Language X

Further information

  • The student handbook is available on the right

Subject advisors

  • English
    Contact person in the English Department
    Philosophikum I, Haus B, Otto-Behaghel-Straße 10, 35394 Gießen
  • German as a Foreign Language
    Prof. Dr. Dietmar Rösler
    Institut für Germanistik
    Philosophikum I, house B, room 205
    Otto-Behaghel-Str. 10
    Phone: 0641 - 99 29125
  • Romance Studies
    Contact person in the Department of Romance Langauges
    Philosophikum I, Haus B, Otto-Behaghel-Straße 10, 35394 Gießen