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#1 Digital Teaching Literacy


Digital Teaching Literacy wants to convey digital university didactic competence. We want to achieve this primarily through the provision of appropriate trainings. Our goal is to prepare teachers for a study landscape that is increasingly based on digitally supported teaching and the associated changes in the requirements for knowledge transfer. The focus is strongly on innovative teaching concepts and an international target group.

In this video you will get a small insight into package of measures #1 from our kick-off event in German and English:

Our competence network at JLU, UMR and THM bundles the experiences from Emergency Remote Teaching, develops them further and creates sustainable structures for the results. Based on this, we further develop the qualification measures of the universities, complement them and make them accessible to all network partners. We use the results from our learning lab and our innovation projects as a foundation for this. In addition to proven training and networking formats (online provision of lecture videos, suitable online feedback forms) we also incorporate innovative approaches such as augmented and virtual reality or gamification. In addition, the existing structures establish individual support services such as individual case consultations, e-learning hours and digital job shadowing. Students are directly involved in the further development.