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#2 International Teaching Training

Our international teaching team organises and conducts workshops, trainings and further events in the context of virtual international teaching in higher education. They hold office hours for (pre-service) lecturers of the collaborating universities, where questions concerning virtual international teaching can be addressed and council is provided. Further, our team offers the opportunity for them, to sit in on your lecture and to provide you with personalised feedback and tips to optimise your teaching performance.

1. (virtual) international teaching in higher education

  • potentials for the internationalisation of teaching
  • intercultural communication and intercultural competencies
  • challenges and pedagogies for (virtual) international lessons and events (see VITALS)
  • specific learning scenarios (e.g. hybrid learning)
  • best practice examples
  • and more

Target group: international lecturers of the participation universities and sometimes beyond.

2. digital (international) teaching in higher education

  • basic didactics and teaching methods as well as
  • additional tools and methods (hybrid teaching, gamification, game-based-learning, etc.)

Target group: International lecturers of the participation universities (and sometimes beyond), with an emphasis on junior lectures (e.g. tutors, phd-candidates, post-docs).

Information about upcoming events and accompanying materials:
- NIDIT events
- NIDIT media library

Further Links:
- Collaborative virtual teaching
- Program of the English-speaking Tutors´ Qualification



Explainer video "Virtual international courses"