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Media library

The media library is a constantly growing collection of materials compiled by the entire NIDIT team. This includes scripts, presentations, conference papers, teaching/learning materials, reports, handouts, explainer videos and event recordings. We make these available to all lecturers and interested parties in our media library and later in the public area on ILIAS.

We have grouped our materials thematically below. You can access the individual pages via the individual tabs.
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Museum 3D - Desktop version

The desktop version of the virtual museum is online.
As part of the cooperation project "Museum 3D - A virtual exhibition space as a DigiLab for museums and teaching", a virtual exhibition space was designed together with the classical archaeology, which can be used as an experimental laboratory for training in the handling of objects, for method-oriented and interdisciplinary teaching formats and for the design of special student exhibitions. As a learning environment, a virtual museum room not only enables an immersive experience that allows a practical and playful examination of the often fragile objects in the collection, but also offers space for learning essential skills in working with objects and in museum communication. Three themed worlds can currently be visited, which were designed by students as part of a course: a temple, a tomb and a roman house.
You can access the project via the button below. Please also note the download instructions under the download button:


Further information on the theme worlds and the control system can be found on a separate website . (The information is in German.)

Notes on the download:

Click on the download button to be redirected to the HessenBox. There you can download the Museum 3D as a zip file under "Download". When you open the downloaded folder, click on the file "Museum_Darstellung". It is possible that you will then receive a warning from your firewall indicating a possible security risk. The file has been carefully checked and does not represent a security risk. You can therefore ignore this message. If you receive a further message about an update of your graphics driver, you can also skip this in most cases.