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The media library is a constantly growing collection of materials compiled by the entire NIDIT team. This includes scripts, presentations, conference papers, teaching/learning materials, reports, handouts, explainer videos and event recordings. We make these available to all lecturers and interested parties in our media library and later in the public area on ILIAS.

We have grouped our materials thematically below. You can access the individual pages via the individual tabs.
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NIDIT-Lunch Bag Session: "Die neue KI-Verordnung der EU und ihre Bedeutung für Lehrende inkl. Urheberrecht, Datenschutz & Prüfungsrecht"

The presentation on the NIDIT Lunch Bag Session with Jens Brelle from Multimedia Kontor Hamburg on 14 February 2024 on the topic of AI provides a lot of information on the EU AI Regulation and shows some examples for lecturers on copyright, data protection and examination law at universities. The presentation is in German.

The presentation is available under CC-BY-SA 3.0 Germany and was created by Jens O. Brelle @MMKH ( ). You can download the complete PowerPoint file at this link .