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Media library

The media library is a constantly growing collection of materials compiled by the entire NIDIT team. This includes scripts, presentations, conference papers, teaching/learning materials, reports, handouts, explainer videos and event recordings. We make these available to all lecturers and interested parties in our media library and later in the public area on ILIAS.

We have grouped our materials thematically below. You can access the individual pages via the individual tabs.
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Paper "Desigualdades en América Latina: ¿una historia sin fin?"

The paper reports some outcomes of the class observations conducted on the VIP seminar (Inequalities in Latin America: a never-ending story?).

Click here to see the full report. The report is in English.

Worksheet "Best practices - 10 Tips for Teaching Practices in COIL Seminars"

The worksheet is designed as a self-learning material for moderators or trainers in virtual COIL (Cooperative Online International Learning) environments.

Click here to see the full text. The text is in English.

Handout "Most useful digital tools"

This handout lists some popular tools for conducting surveys, quizzes, polls or asking for feedback among many other activities.

Click here to see full handout. The handout is in English.

Script "VITALS - A didactical and methodological introduction to virtual international university teaching"

This script is a written elaboration of the workshop series "VITALS - Virtual International Teaching and Learning Skills", which was conducted in spring 2023.

Click here to see the full script. The text is in English.

Explainer video "Virtual international courses"

Click here to see the video with subtitles in English.