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Media library

The media library is a constantly growing collection of materials compiled by the entire NIDIT team. This includes scripts, presentations, conference papers, teaching/learning materials, reports, handouts, explainer videos and event recordings. We make these available to all lecturers and interested parties in our media library and later in the public area on ILIAS.

We have grouped our materials thematically below. You can access the individual pages via the individual tabs.
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The video is in German.

Shortcut "The NIDIT Labs for Innovative Teaching - creating space for innovative educational technologies"

In this shortcut, Maraike Büst and Ramin Siegmund presented the "Labs for Innovative Teaching". In addition to the concept and the equipment, they presented the programmes for teachers and interested parties. They also gave insights into current projects with teachers.

The video is in English.

Shortcut "Diversity in (international) Learning and Teaching"

In this shortcut, Juliane Sommer discussed how an online learning culture can be established with different participants and what challenges lecturers can face with different cultural backgrounds, language barriers and different participation habits. In addition, strategies were discussed that can help to create a common ground in the digital space.