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#2 International Teaching Training

The Justus Liebig University in Giessen manages the package of measures #2: “International Teaching Training”. We seek to strike a balance between teaching training and communication. Therefore, our main objective is twofold. On the one hand, we promote and develop the qualification of teachers and teaching assistants. On the other hand, we promote and implement an ongoing interaction about digital and international educational processes among teaching-learning actors of our affiliated universities and partners.  In this video you will get a small insight into package of measures #2 from our kick-off event in German and English:

To achieve these goals, package of measures #2 organizes training sessions and events, and provides support in digital teaching to all interested teachers from internal and external partner universities in Germany and around the world. Furthermore, training and interaction takes place via digital platforms. We also recognize and intend to implement face-to-face and hybrid training scenarios when necessary. They aim to integrate local and international participants as well as to enhance their exchange on topics related to university didactics


Task #2 highlights the implementation of multifaceted and interactive training formats. Accordingly, they include round tables, colloquia, reviews of teaching concepts and approaches, as well as peer observations. Our ultimate goal is to prepare participants, including teachers, students, tutors, and researchers, for emerging challenges of heterogeneous, international, and digital education.