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17/05/2023 | The Lab for Innovative Teaching publishes the VR Use Case Catalogue

The Virtual Reality Use Case Catalogue is a constantly growing collection of projects at universities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland that focus on Virtual Reality in higher education.

The aim of the catalogue is to support new projects, teachers and interested parties in their search for...

  • support them in their search for contacts in different academic disciplines or in their own department
  • inform about activities in the field of Virtual Reality in Higher Education
  • be a stimulus for their own plans and projects,
  • serve as a networking tool.

In order to make it easier for teachers to get started, the Labs for Innovative Teaching are working on a comprehensive catalogue of use cases, in which projects, working groups, professorships or institutions on the subject of Virtual Reality in Higher Education will be listed. The catalogue will be made publicly available in a separate section of the NIDIT website and will be continuously maintained and expanded. Initially, relevant entries will be listed for German-speaking countries, Austria and Switzerland.

In the future, we are interested in a Europe-wide expansion, which, in addition to the informational aspect, should also contribute to the establishment and strengthening of international networks and generate more visibility. An extension to AR is also conceivable.

40 projects, working groups and professorships have already supported us by agreeing to be included in the catalogue, and we are expecting even more interesting entries. We would like to thank all contact partners for their kind permission to be included in the Use Case Catalogue!

You can access the use case catalogue via the link: