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18/08/2023 | Publication of the workshop script "VITALS - Virtual International Teaching and Learning Skills.

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The internationalization of courses is becoming increasingly important at universities. Through international courses, teachers and students can expand their intercultural as well as professional competencies, build/expand international networks, and jointly design innovative teaching.

Compared to physical mobility, digital internationalization is more inclusive/less barrier-prone, more cost-effective, more flexible, and more sustainable, and it also promotes the digital skills of the participants. However, designing international courses in the virtual space is by no means trivial: from planning to implementation to the successful completion of virtual international courses, teachers must consider numerous aspects and overcome hurdles. In addition to a basic introduction to the various possibilities, potential and challenges of virtual international teaching, this script will also provide you with insights into different didactic and methodological approaches and practical suggestions for (successfully) designing virtual international courses.

The script is published in German and English and can be accessed via our media library (German | English) or directly via the UB Gießen (German | English).