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18/08/2022 | Observation results from “Desigualdades en América Latina: ¿una historia sin fin?”

Results from NIDIT Observations of the VIP Seminar “Desigualdades en América Latina: ¿una historia sin fin?”

The paper reports some outcomes of the class observations that Richard Vargas from NIDIT Task #2 “International Teaching Training” conducted on the VIP seminar: “Desigualdades en América Latina: ¿una historia sin fin? (Inequalities in Latin America: a never-ending story?). The course took place between March 11 and May 27 of 2022. The results are not only descriptive, but also analytical. Consequently, a small inductive online classroom research was undertaken.


The NIDIT teaching observations explore and reflect on practices of both teachers and students that shade light on the development of intercultural competences of participants in digital and international settings.


You can find the full report here.