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Reflection Course - Tutor Qualification


Jul 07, 2023 from 01:30 to 04:30 (Europe/Berlin / UTC200)

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In teaching, not only the planning and implementation of the courses are essential, but also the critical reflection at the end of each course. Reflecting on one's own teaching is part of every teacher's daily routine. Reviewing the teaching method used, reflecting on the achievement of the teaching/learning objectives or the effectiveness of a particular digital tool, as well as reflecting on the ups and downs at the level of communication with students are good practices of teaching. In addition to individual reflection, it is recommended that teachers share their different experiences in peer formats as part of a continuous learning process.

Following the concept of "learning with and from each other", the tutor qualification offers tutors the opportunity to reflect on their own teaching experiences at the end of the semester and share them with their peers in a familiar space. In a cross-university digital session, tutors from different departments at JLU will be able to exchange ideas about their teaching with tutors from Phillips University Marburg. Together, they will reflect on questions such as: "To what extent do I, as a tutor qualified in higher education didactics, use what I have learned in my tutorial?" and "What content do I use with what goal?" and have the opportunity to discuss and compare teaching methods, strategies and practices.

Intended learning goals

  • To exchange about one's own experiences in the context of the (online) tutorials under the motto "Learning from each other";
  • Reflect on the role as a tutor:in, especially with regard to the original expectations, the experiences made as a tutor:in and the courses taken in the qualification programme;
  • Discuss the successes and difficulties of tutorial teaching in the group;
  • Work out possible strategies for dealing with complex situations that may arise in the future;
  • To name the relevance of the further training contents in the qualification programme for one's own activity as a tutor:in.
Trainer Juliane Sommer
Target Group International students/tutors
Date 07 July 2023, 13:30- 16:00
Language This event will be held in English.