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Information for Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Others

Welcome to the homepage of Justus Liebig University Giessen (JLU). Do you want to study or resume your studies? Are you looking for an intensive German language course and a way (back) into acamdemic life? These pages will help you find the right places and people to contact at JLU.
Information for Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Others

International Office, Division for International Students

The Interntional Office is the starting point for potential students from abroad who wish to find out how to apply for a study programme at JLU.

International Office, Division for German as a Foreign Language

This is where you find information on German classes at JLU.

Central Study Guidance

The Central Study Guidance will inform and advise you if you have questions about the programme of studies to choose, how to organise your studies and if you have any problems while you are studying.

Study Programme for Guest Students

A study programme for guest students gives you the opportunity to attend a selection of classes at JLU.

Lokal International - International Meeting Place and Café

This is the meeting place for German and international students in Giessen, with a bistro and events to attend.

University Library

Everyone is free to make use of the different libraries belonging to the Univerity Library. You may receive Guest Access to use our electronic resources. Volunteers can also find literature for Teaching German as a Foreign or Second Language.

Refugee Law Clinic

This training programme is designed to teach students asylum and refugee law. As there are no open consultation hours, please contact us by email or Facebook if you wish to prepare for an interview.

Students' Union (AStA)

AStA represents all the students at the university. Contact us if you have questions or problems to solve - we will be glad to help.

Student Services Organisation

This is where you will find useful information on funding your studies, finding accommodation and similar topics.

Hessen Fund

The Hessen State Ministry of Higher Education, Research and the Arts awards grants within the framework of the "Hessen Fund" to particularly talented undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students as well as postdoctoral scholars at the state-run institutions of higher education in Hessen. The aim is to enable such students and scholars to pursue their academic studies or careers of the institutions in Hessen.


Other Projects related to Migration and Refugees

Student Initiatives

Student Initiatives is a registered voluntary association with the goal of creating an intercultural space to bring tohgether refugees, migrants and residents of Giessen. Part of its portfolio is to organise leisure activities and German language classes.

This voluntary initiative organises leisure activities free of charge all over Giessen. Everyone is welcome to join in - we have a book club, computer classes, music and sport to offer, to name but a few. It is also happy to help you organise your own event.

This is the place to contact in person or by phone for people without papers who need medical assistance. Medinetz staff will find suitable doctors, midwives, physiotherapists, alternative practitioners and other medical aid.

Projects from Research and Teaching

Projects from Research and Teaching

This project introduces refugees to the study programme for guest students. Branch Out is aimed at refugees who are interested in studying in Giessen, but will have to wait until they have acquired the pre-requisites for a regular study programme.

Students enrolled in a pedagogical/teaching study programme have the opportunity to become a helper for a child refugee and their family.

The lecture series (in German) intends to offer the audience different perspectives to illustrate the various pedagogical, legal and organisational challenges facing educators in and outside school.

The current influx of refugees means that we will have to further develop the curriculum for our future teachers with regard to central topics in the context of refugees and migrants.


Photos: Franz E. Möller