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News and Press

Thesis submission by Raouda and Julia

Submission at Monash and JLU for Joint Award

Raouda Sgaier and Julia Bender, doctoral researchers in project 4 and project 10  have both submitted their thesis.
Well done, we're proud of them!

Nevember 2021

Eleventh Joint Degree for Beatrix Stadler

Felicitations to Bea for the completion of her joint doctorate

Joint Award Bea StadlerWith an outstanding performance at her oral defense, Bea achieved the best possible merit "summa cum laude". Applause and our best wishes for the new challenge!

September 2021

Publication for Hassan Kabbesh

Paper of project 3 published in Cells

Congrats to Hassan for his publication "Long-term maintenance of viable adult reat sertoli cells able to establish testis barrier components and function in response to androgens"
Great job!

September 2021

Publication for Elena Berg

Paper published in International Journal of Molecular Sciences

We are very proud of our medical student Elena, first author of the IRTG publication in project 5 "Chronic prostatitis/ chronic pelvic pain syndrome leads to impaired semen parameters, increased sperm DNA fragmetation and unfavorable changes of sperm protamine mRNA ratio". Well done!

July 2021

Award for Penny Whiley

First place in 3 Minute Thesis Competition for 'Very 'Importin' Proteins make Very Important People!'

The competition asks PhD students to give a compelling presentation on their t

Whiley, Penny - 3 minute competition

hesis in just three minutes in language appropriate to a non-specialist audience. Congratulations to Penny for her vivid presentation to win the 3MT of the SCS and also of the Faculty Final!

July 2021

Publication in P12

 Paper published in FASEB


We are glad about Bea Stadler's new publication for P12 "Physiological and pharmacological impact of oxytocin on epididymal propulsion during the ejaculatory process in rodents amd men". Great job!

June 2021

ETW 2021 Award for Christiane Pleuger

Best Selected Miniposters Talk at the virtual European Testis Workshop 30 May-03 June 2021

Congrats to Christiane ( IRTG project 9) who's miniposter "Caput and cauda epididymides react fundamentally different during actue bacteral epididymitis"was selected for one of five oral presentations. The best selected miniposters talks are awarded with 400 EUR each. Well done, Christiane!

June 2021

NYRA Award for Rukmali Wijayarathna

Best Scientific Poster Award award at the 13th NYRA Meeting

NYRA Award for Rukmali WijayarathnaRukmali received the well-deserved award for her outstanding poster presentation  at the at the virtual meeting of the "Network for Young Researchers in Andrology" taking place 29-30 May 2021. The award is linked to a registration fee grant for the European Testis Workshop.

More information

Congrats, Ruki!

May 2021

Poster Award for Rama Ravinthiran

Poster Prize awarded at the (virtual) 46th ASA Annual Meeting, 23-25 April 2021

Poster Award for Rama Ravinthiran ASA 2021Congratulations to Rama (IRTG project 9) who received the  Thomas S.K. Chang Merit Award for her poster entitled "Distribution and phenotypes of mononuclear phagocyte population correlates with differential immune environments in the adult murine epididymis". Bravo!

April 2021

Farewell to Laura

Associated medical student in P9

Winter, LauraAfter 7 months in Andreas Meinhardt's Laura Winter is returning to  in the clinic. It was a great pleasure to have you with us. We wish you success for your further studies.

April 2021

Publication of P6 Monash alumna Sophie Lee

Paper published in Science of Reproduction

Congrats to Sophie for her paper "Oxytocin receptor antagonists as a novel pharmacological agent for reducing smooth muscle tone in the human prostate".

March 2021

Joint publication of P4

Paper published in FASEB

We are very pleased about the joint publication of P4 "Sperm proteins and cancer-testis antigens are released by the seminiferous tubules in mice and men".

March 2021

DGA Lecture Prize for Penny Whiley

DGA Lecture Prize for Penny WhileyAward from the German Society of Andrology for project 3

For her oral presentation "Activin A modulates the pace of germ cell development at the onset of spermatogenesis" at the 12th International Congress of Andrology, Penny Whiley from Monash, was awarded the Lecture Prize in the Experimental Field. Congratulations  for this notable achievement!

December 2020

Review paper in P9

Review published in Frontiers in Immunology

Another success for Christiane Pleuger is the publication of "Differential Immune Response to Infection and Acute Inflammation along the Epididymis"

November 2020

First author paper of Siv Indumathy in P2

Paper published in Reproductive Immunology

Congratulations to Siv for her first first author paper Testicular immune cell populations and macrophage polarisation in adult male mice and the influence of altered activin A levels.

November 2020

Fourth JLU National Degree for Elham Savadi Shiraz

Defense Elham Savadi ShirazCongratulations to Elham who successfully completed her PhD at JLU

We wish Elham all the best for her future career.

October 2020

Young Researcher Award for Christiane Pleuger

IRTG postdoc receives the 2020 Von-Behring-Röntgen Young Researcher Award

von Behring-Roentgen Award for Christiane Pleuger3The Von-Behring-Röntgen-Nachwuchspreis has been awarded for the twelvth time and recognises two junior scientists (one from Marburg and and from Giessen) who have demonstrated outstanding scientific research in their early career.

Christiane has been chosen for her excellent work in P1 and P9. The award will be conferred in a public ceremony in October.

It's a terrific achievement. Great job! Cheerio!

May 2020 /October 2020

Another Publication in P12

Article published by Beatrix Stadler in Frontiers in Endocrinology

We are happy to annouce that Bea published an article about "Oxytocin in the Male Reproductive Tract; The Therapeutic Potential of Oxytocin-Agonists and-Antagonists". Congratulations! 


October 2020

Liza O'Donnell project leader in P1

Liza O'Donnell project leader in P1


Moira O'Bryan becomes Dean

Moira O'Bryan becomes Dean of the Faculty of Science at Melbourne University