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News and Press

Julia heading to Australia

Next student to stay at Monash

Julia Bender from project 10 under supervision of Sudhanshu Bushan and Andreas Meinhardt will spend her research year in Mark Hedger's lab and carry out research on the "Regulation of immune responses in the normal and infected testis: role of Sertoli cell-derived activins.

We wish Jule a lot of success and a pleasant stay in Australia!

August 2019

Thesis submission Nils Nesheim

Submission at Monash and JLU for joint award

Nils conducted his PhD research within project 5 and now has submitted his thesis. Well done! We're proud of him.

Thesis title:Inflammatory gene regulation in chronic prostatitis/ chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CP/CPPS) and prostate cancer.

August 2019

Welcome to Daniel!

Medical student in project 9       

PlatzhalterWelcome to Daniel who will spend the next 6 months in Andreas Meinhardt's lab to carry out research for his thesis. We wish him a fruitful stay and a succesful time here with us at the IRTG!

July 2019

Second Monash National Degree for Maciej Szarek

Next success within IRTG!

Congratulations to Maciej for the successful completion of his PhD at Monash.Well done!

July 2019

Third JLU National Degree for Pradeep Kudipudi

Congratulations to Pradeep for the next doctoral degree

Defense KudipudiPradeep is the eleventh student to successfully complete his degree within our IRTG. Applause and all the best for his new position.

June 2019

Welcome to Hang!

New PhD student to start in project 5

The IRTG cordially welcomes Hang Yan, PhD student in the group of Florian Wagenlehner/ Undraga Schagdarsurengin. Hang will take over from Tatjana whom we wish all the best for her medical studies. We are looking forward to a fruitful cooperation.

June 2019

Farewell to Britta

Saying goodbye to postdoc in project 9

Klein, BrittaAfter six successful years in IRTG Britta is looking for new challenges and moving on to pastures new.

We want to say thank you for the good job, her continuous support and her outstanding team spirit.

All the best for your future, dear Britta!

May 2019

Beatrix on her way to Melbourne

Doctoral student n° 14  heading off to Australia

Doctoral student in Ralf Middendorff's group Beatrix Stadler will be hosted by Betty Exintaris and carry out research on her topic within project 12 "Role of oxytocin in the contractility of the male reproductive tract: implications for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia".

We wish Bea a successful and pleasant stay in Melbourne.

May 2019

Welcome to Ann-Catherine and Artem!

New medical students in P12 and P7

This spring, the medical students Ann-Catherine Gronau and Artem Kepsch have taken a 'one semester timeout' from their medical studies to do research work for their thesis within IRTG.

We wish them a successful stay in IRTG!

April 2019


Second JLU National Degree for Robert Kügler

Congratulations to Robert for successful degree completion

Robert achieved his doctoral degree in Natural Sciences Dr. rer. nat. We wish him all the best for his future.

April 2019

Two Travel Grants for Britta Klein

to attend the ASA Conference "Fertility and Men's Health"

Britta's successfully applied for the ASA Travel Grant and a travel grant from the funds of the JLU Postdoc Career and Mentoring Office (PCMO) which support her participation in 44th Annual Conference of the American Society of Andrology held 06-09 Apr 2019 in Chicago, USA. Congratulations!

April 2019

Christiane Pleuger starting in Project 9

Membership within IRTG extended

Pleuger, ChristianeAfter successful completion of her degree in project 1, Christiane will stay with the IRTG as a postdoc in project 9. She will be succeeding Britta who will be continuing on her career.

We are happy to accompany Christiane's next stage in resesarch.

March 2019

International Scientist Award for Andreas Meinhardt

Andreas Meinhardt receives the 2019 Fuller W. Bazer SSR International Scientist Award

The Fuller W. Bazer SSR International Scientist Award recognises an outstanding international scientist who has consistently demonstrated excellence in research and graduate education at an institution outside of North America and who demonstrates outstanding potential for leading and directing scientific research overseas.

The award will be conferred to Andreas at the SSR 2019 Annual Meeting to be held 18-21 July in San José, California, US.

It's a fantastic achievement for IRTG to have a second recipient of this reknown recognition.

Read more

April 2019

Thesis submission by Christine and Mathias

Submission at Monash and JLU for Joint Award

Christine Kauerhof and Mathias Seidensticker, doctoral researchers in project 7 and project 6 both submitted their thesis.
Well done, we're proud of them!

March 2019

Welcome to Lachie!

Monash PhD student working in project 1 visiting Giessen

We cordially welcome Lachlan Cauchi of Moira O'Bryan's lab for his research year at JLU. Here, he will be hosted by Daniela Fietz and carry out research on "Molecular mechanisms of male infertility in flies, mice and humans"

We wish Lachie a lot of success and a pleasant stay in Germany!

March 2019

Seventh Joint Degree for Christiane Pleuger

Felicitations on the completion of her joint doctorate!

Defense Pleuger 1With an outstanding performance at her oral defense, Christiane achieved the best possible merit "summa cum laude".
Bravo! We take pride in her having been part in the IRTG.

February 2019

Sixth Joint Degree for Dana Püschl

Congratulations for the next joint PhD

Dana is the sixth student to successfully complete the joint degree achieving the merit "magna cum laude". We wish all the best for her promising future as a postdoc in US.

January 2019

JLU president visits Monash University 2019

JLU President Prof. Mukherjee travelling to Australia

Prof. Joybrato Mukherjee and Julia Volz, Head of the JLU International Office visited Monash to meet Monash Vice-Provost Ian Smith and other university and faculty leaders to enhance the collaboration between both institutions.

On this occasion Prof. Mukherjee also met Kate Loveland to award her the extension of her Liebig professorship.

January 2019

Kate Loveland awarded second extension of JLU Liebig Professorship

Reapproval of Kate Loveland's outstanding contribution to the Monash-JLU relationship

Kate Loveland awarded JLU Liebig professorship

On the occasion of his short visit at Monash University JLU president Prof. Joybrato Mukherjee conveyed the new certificate to Prof. Kate Loveland.

With the award that reminds of the most famous researcher and eponym of the university, Justus Liebig, JLU wants to honour renowned scientists for their outstanding achievements and to intensify international scientific relationship.

January 2019

Honorary Professorship for Andreas Meinhardt

 JLU spokesperson becomes Visiting Professor in Bejing

The School of Basic Medicine of the Peking Union Medical College (Institute of Basic Medical Sciences) has conferred the title of Visiting Professor upon Andreas Meinhardt who feels very honoured as to this recognition.


January 2019