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News and Press

Travel Grant for Britta Klein

funded by von-Behring-Roentgen Stiftung

Congratulations to Britta who secured a travel grant covering the cost for her participation in the 20th European Testis Workshop held 23-27 May in Obidos, Portugal.

Nice going!

May 2018

Next Travel Grant for Dana

for the "9th Copenhagen Workshop on Testicular Germ Cell Cancer" in October 2018

Dana's successful application for a 2018 CRH Travel Award (Centre for Reproductive Health, Hudson Institute of Medical Research) enables her to attend one of the most interesting conferences in her field of research. Well done, Dana!

May 2018

Travel Grants for Siv Indumathy and Dana Püschl

ASRI Travel Grand Award for ASRI-CSI Annual Meeting,  June 28 - July 01 2018 in Shanghai (CN)

Travel Award Siv Indumathy and Dana PüschlCongratulations to Siv and Dana (both IRTG project 2) who receive that travel grant to attend the ASRI-CSI Annual Meeting and to present their papers.

Siv's being entitled "Delineating the testicular leukocyte population in the adult mouse"

Dana's being entitled "The testicular germ cell tumor line (TCam-2) drives M0 and M1 macrophages (THP-1derived monocytes) into the immunosuppressive M2 phenotype"

This is a fantastic achievement  for IRTG with students taking home two of the 10 travel grants that were issued. Great job, ladies!

April 2018

Welcome to Deborah, Jessica, Swapnila, Felix and Till!

New medical students joining IRTG

This spring, five students have taken a 'one semester timeout' from studying to do research work for their thesis within IRTG:

Deborah Dengler in project 5

Jessica Ott in project 1

Swapnila Pant in project 9

Felix Büdel in project 3

Till Kracht in project 7

We wish them a successful stay in IRTG!

April 2018


Welcome to Magdalena!

New student joining group of Ralf Middendorff

Kuchta, MagdalenaThe IRTG welcomes Magdalena Kuchta in project 6 succeeding Mathias who just has submitted his thesis.

We are looking forward to a successful collaboration!

April 2019

Justus Liebig Medal for Zlatko Skrbis

Zlatko Skrbis visits Giessen to receive highest JLU recognition


Zlatko Skrbis receives Liebig Medal 2Monash Senior Pro Vice-Chancellor (Academic) Professor Zlatko Skrbis is awarded with the Liebig Medal for his outstanding contribution to the institutional partnership between Monash Universtity and JLU. In the presence of Dr. Lauren Bain deputy ambassadress of Australia he receives the award by Prof. Dr. Mukherjee president of the JLU.

March 2018

7 Advantages PhDs have

Article on the advantages PhDs have over other job candidates brought to you by cheeky scientist.

Witten by Isaiah Hankel the article gets rid of the rumours of industry preferring to hire non-PhDs and explains the advantages of a PhD for this sector.

Go check it out on

Mathias off to Australia

Mathias on his way to Melbourne

Working in project 6 Mathias has fled cold Germany to conduct his research in sunny Australia under supervision of Stuart Ellem. We wish him a lot of success and a pleasant stay in Australia.

Jan 2018

Welcome to Anton!

Anton joining project 11 under supervision of Undraga Schagdarsurengin

Anton MüllerThe IRTG welcomes Anton who started his work in project 11 this January.

We are looking forward to a successful collaboration!

January 2018

Fifth Joint Degree for Rukmali Wijayarathna

 First Monash based IRTG student to complete her Joint PhD

Rukmali's Graduation (May 2018 )With an outstanding performance via video conference Rukmali passed her thesis defense, achieving the merit "summa cum laude".

Congratulations on this excellent result! Nice going! We are happy that you will be staying with "us".

December 2017

Best Poster Award for Mathias Seidensticker

Mathias honoured with the best poster award at the 7th DVR-Congress held 7-9 Dec 2017 in Munich

 Congrats to Mathias who received an award for his poster then selected for oral presentation.

Title of poster: "Ejaculation disorders and treatment of BPH: Disturbed function of prostate ducts and seminal vesicles by alpha1-adrenergic receptor blocker tamsulosin but not by PDE5 inhibitors".

Nice going!

December 2017

Christine on her way to Melbourne

PhD student in project 7 on her way to do research at Monash University

Christine will be hosted by Mark Hedger and carry out research on her project "Restoration of fertility in chronic testicular inflammation by blocking activin bioactivity: Effect of exogenous follistatin on duration of inflammation response, testicular impairment and germ cell recovery".

We wish Christine a lot of success and a pleasant stay in Australia!

December 2017

Monash - Successful NHMRC Grant Applications

Various NHMRC grants for Monash investigators

Results of the 2017 NHMRC grant application round

Congrats to Gail Risbridger, Moira O'Bryan, Patrick Western and Rob McLachlan  for their successful acquisition of NHMRC project grants commencing in 2018.

November 2017

IRTG speaker Dana Püschl

IRTG Melbourne Reproductive Health and Biology Workshop, Nov 29, 2017

IRTG Workshop 2017Dana Püschl gave a talk with the title "Human testicular cancer and the functional
polarization of macrophage subsets" at this year's IRTG workshop on Nov 29th.

We are very proud of her to be one of the speakers at the Melbourne Workshop.

November 2017

Best Talk Award for Britta Klein

Britta Klein has been awarded for the best talk at the 1. Science Day of the medical department

Congratulations to Britta, who received an award for the best talk in the section "basic / theoretical research".
Britta agreed to be a speaker at the First Science Day of the medical department at JLU.

Good job!

November 2017

Welcome Beatrix!

Beatrix starts in project 12 under supervision of Ralf Middendorff

Stadler, BeatrixWe cordially welcome Beatrix Stadler, doctoral student in the new project 12.

We are looking forward to a successful collaboration!

October 2017

Welcome Julia!

PhD student starts in new project at Andreas Meinhardt's group

Bender, JuliaWe cordially welcome Julia Bender, who will carry out research on project 10 under supervision of Sudhanshu Bhushan and Andreas Meinhardt.

We are looking forward to a fruitful cooperation!

October 2017

Welcome Raouda!

New PhD student starting under supervision of Thorsten Diemer

The IRTG cordially welcomes Raouda Sgaier new PhD student in project 4.

We are looking forward to a successful cooperation.

October 2017

Pradeep off to Australia

Doctoral student in project 3 just started his research stay of 5 months at Monash University

As PhD student under supervision of Lutz Konrad he will be doing research work with Kate Loveland in project 3 during his time in Australia. 

We wish him a lot of success and a pleasant stay!

October 2017

Best Talk Award for Sivanjah Indumathy

Sivanjah awarded as best speaker at the 10th GGL annual conference

Sivanjah best talk 2017 Congratulations to Sivanjah winning the award for her outstanding talk "Deciphering the Immune Cell Composition in the Adult Mouse Testis"

All talks are evaluated via online voting by the complete audience. Well done, Siv!

September 2017