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FAQ´s - Online courses (English version)

Who can take part?

All students, apprentices und employees of the Justus Liebig University Giessen (JLU) may take part.

As a general preparation, you have to ensure that you have got enough space at home to do the exercises, that the floor is not slippery and that you wear appropriate clothes (slip-resistant soles, comfortable clothes etc.). Please do not participate unless you feel fit.

Which courses are on offer?

We have selected types of sport and exercise that are suitable for live-stream formats. The course formats have been adapted so that participants do not need any special equipment and beginners and advanced athletes can take part jointly. Here you can find an overview of the courses on offer.

What is the participation fee for the online courses?

We offer all online sports courses within the period of 10 August to 30 October 2020 - as an exception - free of charge for all members of the JLU. Formal registration is required, however.

Do I need an ahs ticket to take part in the online sports programme?

No, you don’t. The ahs-ticket is not required for the „ahs@home“ online courses.

How can I register?

Course registration is done via the ahs-website. Different from usual, training sessions are allocated separately in order to make online courses accessible to as many members of the JLU as possible. That is why we would like to ask you kindly to register separately for all dates on which you intend to take part. Registration will be opened online on the day of the course at 07.00 am.

Online sports courses also have a limited capacity. In the sense of fair play, please register only for those courses you really want to and can take part in.

We will collect and store personal data that are exclusively used and processed for administrative purposes. If you have any problems with registration, please contact us by email

Click here to register.

Which online conference tool is used for the sports courses?

We use "Cisco Webex" to conduct all our courses. You can receive this live stream with any mobile phone or laptop.

For the use of the programme, you have to go through a short installation and registration procedure. The first time you use the program, there may be an extended time to join the meeting, as the registration data may have to be re-entered.

If you want to join a course, using your mobile phones, there is a Webex Meeting App for iOS and Android software for tablets and smartphones free of charge.

You will receive the direct link to your course with the confirmation of your booking.

Step-by-step instructions (in German) can be found here.

Which rules apply for the online courses?

In order that the sports courses are carried out smoothly, please abide by the following rules:

  • Join in time for your course.
  • Switch off your web cam.
  • Please switch off your microphone.
  • Please close all other programmes running on your device.
  • Filming or recording as well as publishing, copying and/or circulation of the ahs live streams is expressly forbidden.

Am I insured when I take part in online courses?

The Unfallkasse Hessen (accident insurance Hessen) writes on its website: If the courses offered are part of the general university sports programme which are now taking place online, then you are fully insured within the framework of the law during the time of the course. A condition is, however, that it is an online live-stream course, during which direct contact with the course instructors is given, e.g. for asking questions and getting instruction.“

This means for the online programme „ahs@home“ of the JLU:

The criteria mentioned above are only fulfilled by the “JLU-Pausenexpress“ (JLU Break-Time Express Courses). Here, there the statutory insurance coverage is maintained. With all other current online offers, there is NO statutory insurance coverage. We would like to remind you once again of the conditions for safe online sports training at home:

As a general preparation, you have to ensure that you have got enough space at home to do the exercises, that the floor is not slippery and that you wear appropriate clothes (slip-resistant soles, comfortable clothes etc.). Please do not participate unless you feel fit.

Privacy notice

To find the information sheet on data protection rule of Allgemeiner Hochschulsport (Academic Sports Service) of Justus Liebig University, click here.

I have different questions. Who can help?

Please send all general questions to this e-mail address:

We will be pleased to answer your questions about registration if you send it to this e-mail address:

Where can I get information about all measures and regulations at the JLU concerning the corona virus crisis?

For JLU-wide questions about the pandemic situation regularly updated information and FAQs can be obtained on the JLU website. Please click on the following link.