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New: Special Issue

In May 2017, a workshop on “Financing, Regulation and Performance of the European Rail Sector“ brought together academics and stakeholders at Justus Liebig University Giessen to discuss the topic from various angles.

This Special Issue of the Review of Network Economics, presents selected contributions from the workshop to provide both academia and practitioners from the sector with a state of the art overview of railway funding and financing as well as on selected policy debates and recent regulatory changes ranging from the setting of access charges to the optimal (vertical) structure of the sector.  It features the following articles: 

  • Railway Finance in Europe (Chris Nash)
  • Public Budget Contributions to the European Rail Sector (Schäfer, Jan Thomas / Götz, Georg)
  • Rail Funding and Financing (Casullo, Lorenzo)
  • Planning, Evaluation and Financing of Transport Infrastructures: Rethinking the Basics (de Rus, Ginés / Socorro, M. Pilar)
  • The Underappreciated Connection between Rail Restructuring Strategies and Financing (Pittman, Russell)
  • Infrastructure Charges for International Train Services (Jost, Frank)
  • Track Access Charge Control in the Railway Sector, Its Interaction with Specific Financing Structures and the Determination of Incentives – The German Infrastructure Manager DB Netz AG (Trampisch, Christiane)
  • Public and Private Provision of Railway Services: A Case Study from Slovakia (Jurikovič, Martin / Tomeš, Zdeněk)
  • Competition For Versus In the Market of Long-Distance Passenger Rail Services (Cherbonnier, Frédéric / Ivaldi, Marc / Muller-Vibes, Catherine / Van Der Straeten, Karine)

The papers are available at the journal‘s website.