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Industrial Organization

This course will be held in English

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Course description: 02-VWL:MSc-V1-2


Rhythm: winter semester




Required Work:

  • Final exam
  • Assignments


Course Description

This course extends the basic concepts of Industrial Organization and presents advanced methods and topics. The focus is on business strategies such as price discrimination and product differentiation and on strategic interaction in oligopoly. Students will learn about the importance of the research and development activities of firms and how they are influenced by public policy in general and by the patent system in particular. The course models and evaluates business behavior from both a public policy and a managerial perspective.



The reference texts for this course are Pepall, Richard, and Norman: Industrial Organization: Contemporary theory and practice, South Western, 3rd edition. 2005 (or Industrial Organization: Contemporary theory and practice, Wiley, 4th edition. 2008) and Pepall/Richards/Norman: Contemporary Industrial Organization: A Quantitative Approach, resp. We recommend that you buy the more advanced "Quantitative Approach" text book.

The slides for the respective chapters are available here.

Supplementary text books are D.W. Carlton and J.M. Perloff: Modern Industrial Organization, Pearson, 4th edition 2005 and – at an introductory level - Luis Cabral: Introduction to Industrial Organization, MIT Press, 2000. An advanced text book, on which parts of the course are based, is Tirole, J., The Theory of Industrial Organization. MIT-Press, 1988. Additionally I'll refer to the text Industrial Organization - Markets and Strategies by Paul Belleflamme and Martin Peitz, Cambridge University Press 2010. For those looking for a German text, I recommend the more theoretically oriented book by Helmut Bester: Theorie der Industrieökonomik, third edition, Springer, Berlin 2004.