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Net In Work

12.11. - 1. 12. 2013, Platform Sarai, Frankfurt am Main


The installation Net in Work is an interactive space where spectators are invited to take a part of a net work. They have an open space to observe, to enter, or to change an actual net in the space. In order to enter and change Net in Work they are asked to wear working clothes which connect them on various levels and give them an intersocial experience.


von Ajda Tomazin sound: Iztok Drabik mentor: prof. dr. Bojana Kunst thanks to: Kristine Preuss, Stefan Hoelscher, Frank Max Mueller, Lili Mihajlović, Jost von Harleßem, Anja Bornšek, Seung Hee Lee, Christopher Barh, Monika Raić, Christian Kullick, Ivan Perez and Mousonturn. supported by: Crespo Foundation, ATW and Platform Sarai


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