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on holes

What if we think of a performance as an anthology? A florilegium.
What if we opened up our backpacks and looked at what we found there as one big collection?
What if we went on an expedition and all we did was listen while we waited for something to happen? For something to appear.
What if we told you a story but weren’t sure which one to tell?

In the performance ‘on holes’ three performers and one musician, Amélie, Herbert, Merthe and Sara are temporarily getting lost in the mists of time, they let themselves sink deep down into a hole in the middle of the earth where they encounter different creatures, sounds and long forgotten parts of themselves.

All the while they are remembering that darkness is nothing but a product of our own retina, created by our eyes turning to themselves.

On the one hand ‘on holes’ contemplates about the notion of the hole as a possibility for fiction(s) to emerge and on the other hand it tries to find ways of how to position our human bodies within a story or rather in relation to what and who we meet down there in the hole.

This project is a cooperation of Amélie Haller with Theater neben dem Turm and the MA Angewandte Theaterwissenschaft within the frame of Hessian Theatre Academy (HTA). The research was supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media within the program NEUSTART KULTUR).



A performance from and with:
Amélie Haller (concept, text, performance, objects)
Herbert Graf (performance, objects)
Merthe Wulf (performance, lights)
Sara Trawöger (sound and composition)


  • Performance
  • Premiere
  • Abschlussstück (Amélie Haller)



  • 09.01.2022, Theater neben dem Turm Marburg (TNT), 20 Uhr
  • 10.01.22, Theater neben dem Turm Marburg (TNT), 20 Uhr