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Guest Lecture by Prof. Taras Kuzio on Russian Nationalist Myths and the Invasion of Ukraine


On April 26, 2024, as part of the DFG-Project “Comparison of Language Ideologies in the Soviet Union and the Current Russian Federation – Continuity, Ruptures, and New Orientations” (Prof. Dr. Monika Wingender and Dr. Liudmyla Pidkuimukha) we were honored to host a compelling guest lecture by Prof. Taras Kuzio from the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy and the Henry Jackson Society Think Tank. His talk, titled "The Russian Imperial Nationalist Myths Behind Russia's Full-Scale Invasion of Ukraine," sparked a fruitful and interesting discussion among attendees.

Prof. Kuzio's lecture delved into the origins of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine through an analysis of four key myths:

1) Pan-Russian identity myth;

2) Historical land myth;

3) Great Patriotic war myth;

4) Anti-Russia myth.


Prof. Kuzio concluded his lecture by emphasizing the need for a fundamental reevaluation of post-communist, Russian, and Eurasian studies in light of these findings.


The event provided deep insights and fostered a lively and engaging discussion, reflecting the critical importance of understanding the ideological underpinnings of the Russian war against Ukraine.