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Current Topics in Perception and Cognition – WiSe 2023/2024

Die Vorträge werden um 10 Uhr in Raum F005 im Philosophikum I stattfinden, falls nicht anders angegeben.


Datum Referent Titel
18. Oktober


Antje Nuthmann



Missing things, seeing weapons: Exploring eye movements helps understand visual attention

25. Oktober


Maria Olkkonen

Microsoft Finland


Vision science in Mixed Reality: opportunities and challenges


01. November

Online per Zoom


Yoni Pertzov



Individual differences in eye movements, from causes to potential consequences

08. November


Jan Koenderink



Color in the wild

15. November


Peter König



Embodied cognition

22. November


Jorge Almeida



Contentopic mapping and object dimensionality – a novel understanding on the organization of object knowledge

29. November


Jennifer Randerath



To do or not to do - affordance judgments in older participants and stroke patients

06. Dezember


Marc Ernst



Development of multisensory perception for action after sight restoration from congenital cataracts

13. Dezember


Sylvia Pont



Formgiving and light


17. Januar



Michael Herzog

EPFL, Lausanne


Spatio-temporal crowding and the fundamentals of vision


24. Januar


Isabelle Mareschal

Queen Mary, London


Facial emotion perception


31. Januar


Heleen Slagter



Attention and distraction in the predictive brain


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